Research Spotlight – Ruby Grant

My research broadly looks at lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer wellbeing. Over time we’ve really seen for things like the gay and lesbian rights movement – in feminist movements – we’ve really seen a change in the way that scholarship in this area has played out. We have a wider understanding

Katie Claggett ’19

I have definitely changed, yes. I think in general I’ve become more open-minded. I think just being at Guilford as such a small school, that is also diverse, just learning more about the way people live their lives in different ways and respecting that. My name is Katie Claggett, I am a

UVM Travel Study: Ecuador’s Páramo Grasslands

How do you get somebody interested in something so unknown? We’re sitting on a mountaintop at about 12,000 feet on a property I purchased in 1982 and where I’ve been living ever since. Geographers do a lot of different things. What holds us together as a discipline is this curiosity of the