Sat Shri Akal Friends Let’s talk about – HOW TO CONVERT CANADA TOURIST VISA TO WORK PERMIT On official website of Canada it is mentioned who can apply for Canada work permit while in Canada If you are on Temporary Resident Visa ie Tourist Visa, You CAN APPLY FOR WORK PERMIT One thing I would like to add that 10 YEARS MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA doesn’t mean YOU WILL GET THE VISA FOR 10 FULL YEARs, IT MEANS THE EXPIRY LIMIT OF YOUR PASSPORT, IF THE PASSPORT IS GOING TO EXPIRE IN NEXT NINE YEARS YOU WILL GET VISA FOR 9 YEARS
IF EXPIRY IS IN 5 YEARS THEN 5 YEARS VISA , IF 4 YEARS THEN 4 YEAR’S VISA AND SO ON. OF-COURSE WE CALL IT 10 YEAR MULTIPLE VISA BUT ACTUALLY IT’S ISSUED AS PER THE EXPIRY OF YOUR PASSPORT Get your passport renewed if it’s Expiry is near so that you get lengthier Visa let’s come back to the main topic –
Once you reach Canada- First find an Employer, Who can give you job. Try find the job in the field of your interest or in any field or take the help of some Immigration Co. or Job placement agency in Canada. Once you find an Employer then take JOB OFFER LETTER from the Employer The JOB OFFER LETTER must Clearly mention – Name of the employer Co., Nature of Job, Job Hours, Wages, Benefits like Medical Benefits , Family Benefits or any other benefits Once you get the Job Offer Letter, then your Employer Applies for LMIA.
Once LMIA is Applied- It takes around two months to get APPROVED. LMIA means (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Once LMIA is Applied, It generally takes around Two months to get Approved One thing you must keep in mind that on TRV ( Tourist Visa) , you can stay in Canada for a max. period of 6 months After six months you are suppose to come back or you have to file for Visa extension a month before
if you have applied for LMIA and your visa duration of six month’s expires, you will have to come back to India and apply from India (or your home country ) even you can do that if you have Job Offer Letter & you can get PR if you are a skilled Worker. EXCUSE ME or you can go to USA for One day and reapply Tourist visa for Canada for six more month – you will get the same Second option is, if while being in CANADA, your LMIA gets Approved. Visit Immigration and inform that you are interested in Work Permit with All your documents like your Educational docs , Job Offer Letter properly arranged in a good manner in a file Then you will undergo an interview at Immigration Office for 10-15 Mins max 30 Mins The main Questions which Border agency/ Immigration officer asks will be related to your Job, why are you interested in this Job, Why you chose this job only ? Excuse me – let me have a glass of water Excelsior Academy – Overseas Education and Immigration Co- 11 years Old, Govt Approved Immigration Co. Call : +91 7837085505 Let’s start again – the main questions which the Officer is going to ask
The answers to those question will be in your Job Offer Letter, So read the Job letter very carefully, what is the salary, Which Co., It’s Location, job hour, what are the Benefits that company will provide, why this Co. only etc. These are the question which Officer is going to ask – Give answers confidently & Satisfactorily. YOU WILL GET THE WORK PERMIT ( GOOD LUCK) Once Interview is over, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO DEPOSIT FEE FOR WORK PERMIT WITHIN AN HOUR OR MAY BE BY THE NEST DAY YOU WILL GET WORK PERMIT
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