♫ No matter how rapidly the world changes, ♫ ♫ as long as you’re with me, ♫ ♫ I’ll believe in the eternity of love. ♫ ♫ My blank life is filled with the wishes for you. ♫ ♫ Feel my heartbeats. ♫ ♫ Even in my eyes, you never smile. ♫ ♫ We can keep in step if you slow down and I speed up. ♫ ♫ After the separation and the reunion, ♫ ♫ I just like you. ♫ ♫ I can’t read your mind from your poker face. ♫ ♫ I can only follow your back. ♫ ♫ Like a little planet rotating around you, ♫ ♫ I want to know your heart. ♫ ♫ Can you make me a part of your future, ♫ ♫ like a play entitled our names? ♫ ♫ The play is our good luck, ♫ ♫ like romantic chemical effects in the films. ♫ ♫ Oh baby. ♫ ♫ No matter how rapidly the world changes, ♫ ♫ as long as you’re with me, ♫ ♫ I’ll believe in the eternity of love. ♫ ♫ My blank life is filled with the wishes for you. ♫ ♫ Feel my heartbeats. ♫ ♫ Even in my eyes, you never smile. ♫ ♫ We can keep in step if you slow down and I speed up. ♫ ♫ With the years passing by, even we’re not innocent anymore, ♫ ♫ I just like you. ♫ Le Coup De Foudre Episode 1 Dear brother-in-law. Is this disloyal to my sister? I am Qiaoyi, a senior crazy person. While this embarrassed man here is my husband. Oops, I mean this one. Don’t worry. Your sister will pray for us in heaven. My bad! Sorry, brother-in-law. We’ve been married for 4 years now. We were classmates in high school. But it was no puppy love. We got together after graduation. We weren’t in a relationship until I returned from Britain. Isn’t it the same? I want it precise. We weren’t in touch at all at university. – You didn’t take the initiative.
– You didn’t either! It’s different. [Year 2013] Although it looks like a joke, I firmly believe the day will come to meet the right person. But what never know the waiting would be for 6 years. After I graduated from college, I worked as a TV editor and director. Qiaoyi. Is the next episode’s script done? You just assigned it to me one hour ago. One hour! It’s enough time for the spacecraft to go around the earth! Look at your pace! Is this a newsroom at all? You’ll always be one step behind! I’ll work on it now. When was this photo taken? Always be serious at work! [How is the one you adored in school doing now?] When in school, I was the invisible girl. I wore the uniform and a ponytail every day. It would take great courage to let my hair down
or raise up my hand. So if there was a movie called You Are The Litter Of My Eye, I would definitely take the female lead. The meeting starts. Have you got the upcoming topic? Let’s have a brainstorm. I’ll go first. Suppose our heroine was inferior as a student and had a crush on her outstanding desk-mate. Yet she wasn’t brave enough to tell him. Then they departed after graduation. Ten years later, the heroine seeks our help to find her desk-mate. Turns out, her desk-mate has been waiting for her since graduation. That’s impossible. If he was outstanding enough, he would have been married with kids. Don’t you think so? Qiaoyi, what’s your idea? I think the setting is flawed. What’s that? Which one of us clings on to unrequited love for ten years? Although they didn’t contact over the past decade, if she really cares about him, she would have tried every possible way to search for him. Look up his number, QQ, forum ID. Look through all his posts.
Follow his Weibo secretly, maybe even his girlfriend’s, too. Or even the boyfriend of his ex’s. If there’s any trail of him, she’d definitely go after it. So, she would have found him as long as she wanted to. Unless she doesn’t dare to. Qiaoyi! It’s recording! My name is Hao Wuyi. Qiaoyi’s bestie. We first met in high school. She’d bring breakfast for me, help me clean the classroom, and even take the blame when I made mistakes. Qiaoyi is the best friend ever. I wasn’t so close to Wuyi at first. It was after the exam when I first noticed her. She came in the last. The headteacher criticized her so badly. Then I made up my mind that I should treat her well and show her the kindness from her classmate. Otherwise, once she got too upset and transferred, I’d be the last one in our class. What are you up to now? Working on a proposal. By the way, how is the one you adored in school doing now? Let me think about it. He’s married. Are you upset? Why would I? The bride is not as pretty as me. I feel relieved! The class reunion is on this Saturday, do you know that? Certainly. Will you show up? Sure. Is Yan Mo going? How would I know? Don’t you talk to him anymore? What about him? I met Yu Miaomiao the other day. Do you remember Yu Miaomiao? The one who wore double eyelid tape all day
and acted like Faye Wong? She told me she once called Yan Mo by mistake. Guess what? Yan Mo answered! He hasn’t changed his number after years in Britain. Any idea what this means? It means this number could be used to register bank accounts. We ordinary people could never understand the straight-A student. Baby, trust me. He’s waiting for you! Baby, trust me. Years have passed, I’m not concerned anymore. Just call him if you already let it go. You’re the one who wonders
how is the one you adored in school doing now? [How is the one you adored in school doing now?] It’s not a message for you alone. It’s a… group message. [The No.1 Beauty] Hello? It’s functional. That’s asking for an insult! [Cambridge, Britain] Frank, where have you been? Have you found my wallet at home? Wallet? No. Did you go for a wallet? You just gave up launching your wristband for a wallet. Frank. There is an invitation for interview.
It’s from Nanchuan TV. You’re from Nanchuan, right? It’s been a while away from home. You may pay a visit this time. Turn it down for me. Tell them I’m busy. Hello, dad. [Nanchuan] [The No.1 Beauty] Qiaoyi! Check the QQ group chat of the high school. Breaking news! Hello? Guys! Guess who I just met! Who? The legendary Yan Mo of No.1 High School! Yan Mo is in Nanchuan? He has remained silent for years! Why did he transfer at all? For Cambridge. Don’t be naive. Zhao Qianyi rejected Yan Mo’s confession. He went abroad to cure his broken heart. No way. Is Yan Mo crazy? Is Qiaoyi crazy? Gossiping! Where were you from? The cinema next door. I rushed all the way here after calling you. Did you see it? Do you know what his return indicates? It indicates he still can’t forget about you. Babe. Finally, his noble self-control collapsed at one night. His mind was congested with the longing for you. He made up his mind to get back together with you. Babe. Save these lines for your novel. Stop making me embarrassed, please. Why don’t you get inside? I had some wine. Getting rid of the smell here. Why are you back so late? Work. But the TV station doesn’t give you much salary
for such a demanding job. What can I do? Who else would finish the proposal for me? What proposal? How is the person you adored in school doing now? The person I adored in school? Let me think about it. The first one went abroad. The second one gets a debut. The third one gains fame. The fourth turns to a nun. The fifth one just had a baby last month. And the… It doesn’t have to be only one person I adored, right? I didn’t ask you the question, right? Will you attend the classmate reunion? No. Why not? Once you have enough exes, just like me, you’ll find out many places are prohibited from you. Dear brother. You’re the closest one I have in this world. I refuse it. I haven’t mentioned my request. It’s not a good sign you call me that. Accompany me to the party. No. Help me out for this one time. I’ve been helping you all the time. It’s a dangerous world! I’m already exploring the world for you by being born 5 minutes earlier. It’s said Yan Mo is back. Afraid to meet him? Then don’t go. But… there are other classmates I want to meet. Then go. See? You can’t even convince yourself. I’m hungry. I’ve been hungry a long time ago. Luckily, there is a piece of cake left in the fridge. There are many types of siblings. Some love each other. Some hate each other. Guanchao and I, we fight against each other. That’s enough. Get down. Wait, not yet. Zhao Guanchao. What time is it? You didn’t even call us about skipping dinner. If you don’t care about the family, just go back to Beijing. Mom, I went to pick Qiaoyi up from work. Help me out, sister! I’ll give you alf the cake. I’ll take the whole cake. Fine. Lend me the PSP you bought for a month. It’s all yours! Accompany me to the reunion. No way. That’s a matter of principle! Alright, I’ll do it. What about your principle? The only principle I insist is no principle at all. Mom, Guanchao did pick me up from work. Mom, it’s dangerous out there these days. I’m deeply concerned about her as a brother. Mom, it’s my greatest fortune to have him as my brother. For real? Of course! Why don’t you get changed? Aren’t you going to the reunion? I can’t. I’m exhausted and feeble. It’s not burning. You’re as tough as an ox. You pulled my arm yesterday. The doctor said it’s dislocated. I shouldn’t move. Stop acting, Qiaoyi. It’s your right arm I pulled yesterday. Get dressed. I’ll wait for you. Zhao Guanchao! Hang on. My phone is ringing. Director. Emergency meeting? I’m heading back now! Hello? Is it the director? My sister is getting married today, she can’t be there. Finally, a man is willing to marry her. We can’t afford to let go of him. You even know the director of the call center. Good for you. Take it easy. He’s not coming. For real? For real. Let’s go. Come on. Long time no see, guys! Over here! Here! How are you recently? Who picked the place? So hard to find. I’ll tell you the reason later. Have a seat. Qiaoyi, come here. Listen up. I bought you a doll. It looks just like you. Wait for the delivery! Thanks. Is Sun Zhenqi coming today? I haven’t heard from him after graduation. I remember there was a troublemaker in our class. What’s his name? Fei Dachuan! That’s right! Fei Dachuan. He fought a lot at that time! Sorry for being late! Who is it? Come on, fatty. Can’t you recognize me? Fei Dachuan. Is that all? I’m starving. Wait a little longer.
The monitor said there will be an important person tonight. Who is it? Someone you’re reluctant to see. Well, can I go to the bathroom? Stop there. Gao! Show me some respect! Where’s my title? Mr. Gao! Dachuan, Qiaoyi, Wuyi. Monitor. Monitor! You’re the one who said don’t refer to you as our teacher after graduation. Leave. The bathroom is outside. After graduation, I work as a writer and director
in a TV station. I thought my job was to interview some young talents. However, all the tasks I got were writing plots of trifles. Even worse, I have to play some roles in them from time to time. That’s how I become a senior actress in the TV station. To aid a reunion. And end the waiting. Welcome to our simulation reality show,
Find The One In The Dream. I’m your host today, Annie. Today, our guest is a mother-to-be. She’s here to find the father of her child. Why did the father leave her? For what reason did the loved ones break up? I can’t stand it any more. I’ve been pregnant for seven months. Yet I have to sell fruits on the stall everyday. He only returns when in need of money. I’m making money only for you! For me? Look at these scars. Look. He’d beat me every time he gets drunk. He doesn’t care about my pregnancy at all. I regret marrying him so earlier. Qiaoyi has some talents in acting! It’s inappropriate for a pregnant woman to have a coke. Where is that man from? He couldn’t even remember the lines. You should be thankful for him showing up. The one who should act as his wife raised the price. Thankfully, you come to help. It looked real. Hu wanted you to modify the lines. He wanted them more down-to-earth. It should be an ordinary program. Why does Hu have to act like a family drama? Last time, it was between a man and his sister-in-law. Next time, it might be a nanny who loves the male host. Why would I waste so much energy for these trifles? Yuan Shuai, Qiaoyi. What’s that for? Don’t want to see me? Not at all! We’re just chatting. Have you had a meal? You? Not yet. My boyfriend insists the packed meal isn’t nutritious and wants to take me for French cuisine. But I’m about to have a new program. I don’t have any time for that. New program? Exactly! We’re having a new program. It’s an interview for famous people from Nanchuan. Maybe next month, Director Hu and I will be shifted there. Hasn’t he told you that? I’m leaving. What is this? A bribe for you. When I got promotion earlier this year, you sent me that model. Now this one. Am I a spacecraft model lover to you? Tell me about it, what’s going on? I heard that you will be shifted to another program. I want to go with you. No. Director, I’m tired of this program looking for people. I’m here with my career ambition. Now that you’re leaving, I won’t get any chance to realize it. Tell me about your career ambition I want to be a tough, elegant, ambitious, and dignified newsman,
just like you. Stop buttering me up. Be honest. I want to earn as much as you do. Then you’ve got to wait for a couple of years. Some say I’m suitable for working on these trifles. I don’t believe it! What’s wrong with trifles? This program had a rating of less than 0.1 percent. But now it’s the ace. Don’t you know how many are lurking for this position? I tried so hard to have you shifted here. Do you want to be a go-for forever? So you still want to go with me? Thank you, Hu! Respect. Call me director. Thanks, Director! Out. The result is positive. Mitral valve prolapse. Although it’s only mild, it may get worse if you move too much. I’m getting old. Tiny problems are ordinary for aged ones. Right, my son. I heard the wristband you designed is awarded. It’s a band for health monitoring. But there are still some flaws. It’s far from real application. By the way, Nanchuan TV wants to interview you. I know. I turned it down. I agreed on your behalf. I know you hate appearing in public. But it’s different this time. The producer is an old classmate of mine. Just this time. Sure. It’s about time! Aid a reunion. End the waiting. Welcome to our simulation reality show,
Find The One In The Dream. I’m your host today, Annie. What’s today’s show about? It’s a pregnant woman. What a poor girl! She’s been pregnant for seven months. Yet her husband keeps beating her. Is the person on the previous episode found? Yes. It’s not the nanny that abuses the child, but the mother. I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been pregnant for seven months. Yet I have to sell fruits on the stall. He only returns when in need of money. I’m making money only for you! For me? Look at these scars.He beats me every time he gets drunk. He doesn’t care about my pregnancy at all! Hello, sir. How can I help you? Hello. I’m a fan of your program. I watched the last episode. I wonder what happened to the pregnant woman later. Thank you so much. Your expectation is what we care about most. But the following episode will come out next week. No, it’s not like that. She’s a friend of mine. I wonder where she is now. Well… We don’t know about that either. She left after the recording is ended. We can’t contact her either. Can’t contact her? Is this how you treat a young girl seeking help? That’s so irresponsible! What would happen to her in the future? Where is the man now? Calm down, please, sir. She works here. Yeah… Qiaoyi. Thank you for helping the promotion video for our school. Thanks for your hard work. You’re welcome! Qiaoyi. There is one more thing. Could you contact Yan Mo from your class? What about him? We will host the 60th anniversary ceremony of the school. We want to invite him as our guest and give a speech. But we couldn’t reach him. I… I’ll try. I’ll give you a call if I could get in touch with him. Sure, thank you. Goodbye. I didn’t mean to contact you. I’m just doing a favor. [Yan Mo] [Cambridge, Britain] [Zhao Qiaoyi] Hello? Hello? Anyone? Suddenly, I realized why he’s back. A, He can’t forget about me. B, I’m kicked out from his mind. Bad news! Hu! What’s wrong? The host fell off. It’s very serious. Fell off? How? Someone hateful poured coke on the ground. She’s now in the hospital. Could you please save me some trouble? What… Qiaoyi! You’re up! You’re the one. Up for what? Host! Me? No, I can’t! You can! You truly can! I’m not good at speaking! There is autocue. I’ve never been a host before. Neither have you been pregnant. You’ve done well! I can’t handle it. Yuan Shuai. Take her for the make-up. No, wait! Sure! Let’s go! Hurry. Qiaoyi. Put these on when you’re done. May I not? No. Mr. Yan. Let’s put some make-up on first. It’s for the camera. Don’t bother. I’m not used to it. Alright. Let’s check the scene now. Qiaoyi. Are you ready? I don’t even know who the guest is. Should I… Should I practice with the guest in advance? There’s no time. The guest is here. Off you go. Hurry up, will you? Don’t mint at it! Mr. Yan. This is the script today. The host will ask questions listed here. Be prepared. When you start chatting, just relax. Don’t be nervous. There are three cameras here. That’s the monitor. I don’t recommend watching it. There’s our host. Qiaoyi. Qiaoyi? Qiaoyi. The record starts in three minutes. Check for the last time. Camera 3. Are you okay? Camera 3, I want a tighter shot. This is our guest today, Yan Mo. This is our host, Zhao Qiaoyi. Hi, I’m Yan Mo. Hi. Time for small talk. We’ll start recording soon. Hi, Yan Mo. Nice to meet you. It’s my work. Calm down. It’s been a while since the last time you’re here. Find any differences? Huge. The price is much higher. Have you visited your school recently? It’s said your notes are still popular among the students. No. For how long will you stay here? I’m leaving tomorrow. So soon. Because I find there’s nothing worthing staying for here. Why isn’t there any sound? What’s wrong? Soundcheck. Check the microphone. I’m sorry. Hello? Is it working? What’s going on, Yuan Shuai? It’s the microphone. I’ll be back soon. How are you doing? In what way? I heard you have a girlfriend now. Who told you that? I called you. A girl answered it. You called me? Why do you keep the old number? Do you think I’m waiting for you? Biting fingernails when being diffident as always. Why did you change the topic? Answer one question then I’ll answer yours. Why did you turn me down? There isn’t anything worth staying for at all! ♫ How can I fake it over♫ ♫ we don’t talk anymore?♫ ♫ I’m staring at the stars, I wonder♫ ♫ if you see the same.♫ ♫ Here I am again with memories,♫ ♫ your faces with smile♫ ♫ we were young and foolish.♫ ♫ But now we’re full with sorrows.♫ ♫ I can’t hide my love♫ ♫ when I look into your eyes,♫ ♫ trying keep your pace♫ ♫ but somehow♫ ♫ you’re miles away and I say♫ ♫ I will be good for you.♫ ♫ And I will love the world as you said I should.♫ Hello? I’ve found your wallet, together with an old cellphone. I don’t know whether you want them. So I sent them both to you. The cellphone will be delivered recently. Have you received the wallet? Yes, I have. ♫ I’m sitting by the window♫ ♫ and well. And you?♫ ♫ Remember those days that faded.♫ ♫ Am I losing you?♫ I hope there nothing’s missing. Nothing’s missing. [Class 3, Grade 1] Here, take a photo. Look at me. 3, 2, 1. Cheese. Qiaoyi, put on a natural smile. This is the photo for the blackboard news. My face is getting stiff! Take photos of others. Zhao Qiaoyi. Is your homework done? You’re the only one who hasn’t turned in. I’m working on it! Come on, one more time. I’ll write about Jay Chou for this issue’s star in exchange. Hurry up. 3, 2, 1. Looks good. Except that Yan Mo is in it, too.