Hi everyone this is Kat & Sid I am Kat I’m Sid Today we are going to do an interesting topic Oracle bone script (the earliest form of Chinese characters) First we’ve all studied this, right Then … you having studied Chinese must have studied it too Wait, what? No I haven’t studied it Haven’t you studied it ?! No why… Why would I have to study this? Haven’t you studied Chinese for three years? Haven’t you learned it? Yeah no, I didn’t, are you telling me you studied that in school? First grade in elementary school what No way So you mean if I just pull a random Chinese person off the street, this person won’t be able to understand oracle bone script? Uh … Uh… I would guess no I’m so shocked now that you have never studied this You study … you… Hey Oh ~ No, today… Our video today is supposed to be… I thought you knew it, so I chose some oracle bone characters to test you what?!!! See if you, having learned Chinese for two or three years, can understand oracle bone script or not Are you serious? I thought you were gonna teach me this thing Teach? No, I said, I said, I said … No matter what Then the theme of our original plan was to say I picked out some oracle bone script to test Kat Yeah there should be no problem What… noooo No problem I heard it’s hard. How am I gonna do this? Very simple very simple What I picked for you today, some of them are oracle bone script, some are from bronze inscriptions, and some are from small seal script. I think it’s very simple, like this Haha what hahaha It’s easy right? Just tell me the answer what is this First one Just one character I do not know what about this This looks like a plant What’s that pokemon called Dug… Dugtrio? Correct Forget it I’ll help you Yeah give me a hint otherwise how do I know Let me do this Oh ~ ok Then you can correspond to the following Ok then let’s start Why don’t we start from this Do you want me to start here I can’t get that image out of my head This is normal and simple Eh?!! What does it look like? Looks like … xxx Wow, why are you so dirty? Never mind, start from here From here, this one’s simple See what this picture looks like For these you have to go by what it looks like My guess is… It looks like… It looks like 人 (person) I mean obviously this one looks like a person Then why’d you put 人 under this Ok I’ll put it here No, I’m just asking Because it looks like there’s a progression, but to be honest I think you’re trying to trick me with all this Ok whatever This obviously looks like a 牛 (cow) So I’m going to put it here, I think this is 牛 This looks like a sideways cow The problem is, it looks like a cow But it has to become this character in the end You want to change this character to this one, these two… So it is a progression situation? I think this one is related to 牛 Ok go ahead This is so interesting, it’s like watching a lil baby Hahaha baby Oh this I know this must be 米 (rice) Is it? Wait I’m not gonna tell you the answer Maybe this one is actually My guess is it’s actually maybe this one… It’s so fun to see hahah This should be 木 (wood) why Cause it looks like a tree No… Wait wait wait Pretty similar OK, I’m still convinced that this is 米 This looks like a toucan I think this is 鸟 (bird) Oh this one looks easy I think this is 雨 (rain) This should be … Fish (鱼) This one looks like an eye This one… Wait, is this eye? Is this 目 (eye)? mù mù ~ I think this one is 山 (mountain), right? Looks similar What is this But … oh these two are too similar Ok let’s take a closer look at their differences This bottom is flat This bottom is round This one has lines, this one does not This looks like … This one looks like fire (火) Why do I feel like this one is 衣 (clothes)? clothes I think this is 衣服 why This doesn’t look like clothes to me, but it looks like this (the character) kind of But the question is why was it written like this in ancient times? One of the two aspects is that it looks like this character The second is why was it drawn like this in the past This one I feel like looks like a thing you hang clothes on, like a coat rack Oh you say this looks a bit like a coat rack Yeah I think this is 羊 (sheep) Because I think this image is similar to the Aries symbol Ah wait wait I think this is 水果 (fruit) why Because this looks like a little bush with fruits on it Little fruits What is this This is a cow … oh wait This must be 牛 This one must be 马 (horse) I think this should be 儿 (child) Because this looks like two little people hugging I think … I think it’s 儿 And this one looks kinda similar, because it has the two little things This one right here, looks like 兴趣 (interest), like 兴 It looks so much like that, what the heck, but it’s not that one since it’s not here Hmm … let me think about it What about 牙齿 (tooth) Yes which one is 牙 (tooth) Which is 牙 Ah, wait this one Is it this one God, wait … Really? I think one of these two must be 牙 Because I don’t know what else they would be I think this should be 云 (cloud) Ok This looks like a tree This should be 水 (water) Looks like a river This looks like a baby I think this should be 生 (give birth/grow) But these two words don’t look like Doesn’t look alike !? No !!! Oh ~~~ Let me see ~~~ Which one it’ll be Which one This looks more like … More like 雨 than this, right? I don’t know Switch it here Hmm ~~~~~ So hard~~~ This should be 大 (big) Because it looks like a headless person What about this This is like a sad person with one arm I think this is 心 (heart) because they look a kinda similar Then I think 雪 (snow) should put this Because I think it might be this Because these two look alike Right Do I have to do it all? of course This looks like it has a small face on it Then there is a small body here ~ This looks like this 见 (see) ok this maybe … is 生 Because this looks like a seedling sprouting from the ground I’m gonna say this one is 牙 Wait, now that I think about it, why does this one somehow look like 云? Does it? Oh yeah? I do not know why either I want to switch it Okay, I think this is 天 (sky) Then I think this is … 长 (long) I don’t know why OK, I want to see the answer All right First first wrong Oh no !! Second wrong What ?! The third one is right Oh oh 4th right Oh oh ~ 5th wrong Wait what? correct Oh oh wrong Wait correct Oh my god … correct Aha ~ Correct Yes Correct Oh oh ~ 12th right Oh my god, so good 13th wrong 14th right Correct (゚ Д ゚) wrong What Correct Huh 18th wrong Wait! What! 19th wrong what?! wrong Huh Correct What OMG wrong what! 23 wrong 24 wrong 25 wrong! OH NO !!! You only have 48 points 48% correct Fail Fail fail First this 人 (person) you think too much Oh Here is the hand This person looks like an old man You think too much, this is 人 This is 大 (big) This makes a lot of sense It’s an adult (大人) That kind of adult feeling, right? So this is 大 This is 天 (sky) so hard Just think about it like this, look at this Do these two look a bit like This one has a head Because it’s above people Look, from the oracle bone script It must be getting simpler So this head … round it to become a horizontal So 天 (sky) But this looks like a person So it makes me think aliens came to Earth The gods, y’know Yeah, aliens are also in the sky This is actually a lot like … Don’t you think it looks like this This one really looks more like a baby Babies, and babies might not have teeth So there are only two teeth on this head And curled up Come this this is not 兴 this is 米 (rice) This is 米 Oh ~~~ It’s the plant itself, see the grains of rice This next is actually this Don’t you look alike Oh you’re right You see a 人 (person) under it Right then there is something growing on it what Hair long Or in ancient times, it means that hair is not cut Because hair comes from parents This shows that the person is older, he’s an elder (长辈) I understand This eye is right This 雨 (rain) is right Then this is 雪 (snow) is right, you know why? I don’t know You see the difference between the two It has this thing It’s raining a bit, then this is feather (羽毛) So it’s snowing You are right about 生 (give birth/grow) Because when it is horizontal, it means the sky and the land is below. There is a seedling growing up, so it is 生 水 (water) is right This looks like a river Correct what is this This one… Does this look like a tooth? Two sides, like biting like this… Correct This one might be more like 牙 More like this You see that this one is very similar between the two 山 (mountain) is right 火 (fire) is right This is a piece of wood Trees 果 (fruit) is right 果 is pretty spot on OMG is so cute It’s already like this at the bronze inscription stage This is wrong how could it be possible You are … Don’t you think this looks like this? So above is a 目 (eye) Oh this is 见 (see) It ’s kind of like a person bowing and looking like this So it highlights that point Correct What is this How could this not be 牛 (cow)? Is this 马 (horse) ?! These two look completely different. This is 马 because it looks like a horse What ~~~ Big head Yes, but the head of the cow is also big. What are you talking about? I don’t know why I think this face looks like a horse’s face The cow’s face is more … The top is big, and its face looks like this But horse is this one long Longer than body Which one is 牛? This one? Isn’t this 牛? This is too simple What?Oh it does look like it It’s 牛 鸟 (bird) is right 羊 (sheep) is right, 羊 is really simple 鱼 (fish) is right If this is not a fish I don’t know what it is Then this is very simple This … almost looks the same Wait, did I put that there before? Correct They all use the horizontal to represent the sky. So the top part is sky (天) Then there is something in the sky … Clouds… We have two left now I feel this should be 心 (heart) This must be 衣 (clothes) Well, does this look like a sleeve? Arm Then this is 心 (heart) Does this look like a heart? When it was inscribed, it was simply the blood vessel Does this look like blood vessels? image I mean … no no hahaha Looks like something else ok pretty interesting very interesting! Now if you look at oracle bone script and the modern characters, they are still quite similar. So it’s like, these characters have been used… Wow from four thousand years ago Wow pretty crazy That’s crazy I just wanna know, if you were to take this what would your score be? If I? At least 60 percent If you want to see us guess more oracle bone script Guessing randomly Can leave a message to tell us Thank you for watching ~ Bye ~