2 years ago, it was only a dream of mine to get into a good university in the UK I will be studying Civil Engineering at the University of Birmingham my mum is a private tutor, she got lots of recommendations from parents on overseas education that’s how I found out about EF I was not confident in Chinese subject in the DSE exam that’s why I had submitted my application early while I was still in Form 5 my English was absolutely terrible, I couldn’t communicate with anyone I needed to work extra hard with teachers and started learning basic grammar from scratch my initial concern was my family’s financial status I didn’t come from a wealthy family after having a chat with my dad, he encouraged me to take this opportunity to explore the world and learn how to be independent I got his full support on taking this course thanks dad I did my EF University Foundation Program in Oxford, the campus was newly renovated it had such a relaxing atmosphere and seemed like an excellent place to learn the EF staff was very sincere they concerned whether I’d got everything ready, I found them a bit longwinded at the beginning but on a second thought, they didn’t need to have this special care to me, they were like my family I’ve studied at EF for 2 years, the first year I took the English program at Eastbourne there were lots of Spanish and Japanese, they were all very nice to me EF grouped students of different nationalities together there weren’t lots of students that spoke my first language but that turned out to be an advantage for me as it forced me to adapt the overseas life in the shortest time Physics was a compulsory course if I wanted to get into Civil Engineering even though I was an arts student in Hong Kong I ended up getting an A in my Physics exam that’s because the teachers taught me so well and boosted my confidence in terms of education, the more you ask, the more you learn as long as you took the first step and adjusted your mindset, it would only benefit my future academic endeavors the EF Foundation Program equipped me with the knowledge on the UCAS system in which you can apply for 5 universities but a Foundation Program at a regular university only allowed you to apply for that particular school that meant 1 school, 1 chance so I sought advice from my teachers and they gave me some recommendations so I picked 5 universities and submitted my application the day after, a school rejected my application, I freaked out, it was absolutely terrified and then, another school rejected me it was only when I was about to graduate, I got 2 offers from top UK universities I felt much better I got an offer from both Cardiff and Kent University I was relieved, I would like to thank my advisors for their help my decision of studying abroad was made in the very last minute it’s good to make up your mind and start your preparation early I made my decision even before the DSE exam, I was clear on where I wanted to go you need to plan ahead you might have no clue on overseas universities now, but that’s ok, I was like that too I found out more while I was there and that gave me a clear idea of the bigger picture don’t worry too much for now and good luck