Hi, I’m Kim, Se-na. I’m working for young people in a change-maker training and with some like-minded young educators, We are thinking about how to create a better learning environment by forming a community. I am Na, Yoo-jeong, 19 years old. I’m attending an educational experiment school called ‘Keokuro Campus(FCN Learning Lab)’. Hello, I’m Lim Sang-hyuk, who dreams of a happy world for teenagers. Hello, I’m Park, Joon-hyung, an elementary school teacher. I have worked as a game development planner before I became an elementary school teacher, I also have 2 years of experience living in South America for overseas volunteer work. Hello. My name is Jang, Hee-soo. I cannot have my own job named, so I made it called ‘Red Creator’. ‘Red’ means a naked flame. It means aspiration or potential in us. So the one who continuously creates flame, and I want to live as a person who creates the flame inside of you I’ve called it the Red Creator. I’m an actress, and I’m working for youth education, and I am planning and involved in various projects and plays as a helper for other friends. Hello, I am working as a speech therapist. And I am Jang Jae-jin, a speech therapist who teaches the students in the department of speech therapy. Hello. My name is Lee, Byung-sung
and I am hosting the reading group called
‘Reading Education for the Future.’ Nice to meet you. I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher when I was 9 years old. So it has been 20 years since I studied Early Childhood Education. I am currently a professor in the Department of Early Childhood Education. I’m Kang, Hyun-sik, a father with a 13-year-old boy, Jun-gyu who is homeschooling in Bukchon. Hello, I am Kim, Min-Hye, 18 years old, a sophomore in high school attending Ewoo High School in Seongnam. and I am a student who is eager to explore the education field because I am interested in it. Hello. I am a mother with two children. I taught math and now work as a coding instructor. Actually, I have the different view with others. I’ve changed a lot since I had a baby Until then, I thought with a focus on how to explain something well. But since I was a mother and had a baby, I become a mother who lives with a view of ‘Why do my students learn this?’, ‘What do I teach?’. So I’m a mother who are always thinking about the question, ‘Why do I teach this?’, ‘What’s the purpose of this learning?’. What’s your points out of 100 when you think of the Korean education system? I think it’s 99 points. about 89 points. I think it’s about 80 points. I thought about 75 points. I thought it was 55 points. I think I can give it about 50 points. You asked me to rate the Korean education system, but I basically don’t like to give it a score. But if I have to score, around 50 points on a single scale, and if I can do it in the range, I’d like to give it a score of 0 to 100 I’ve thought “Will the whole Korean education system be digitized by score?” It seemed hard for me to answer that question. So some parts are doing well with a perfect score of 100 Some parts really want to give a score that is close to zero. In my opinion, I want to give about 50 points. I want to give 30 points. Unfortunately, I think the score of the Korean education system is zero. In fact, I’ve had an idea in my mind of wishing my children not to go to school. How many points would you give? What is your reason? The reason from 11 education shakers?
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