hello ! today’s video is a vlog , kind of? we’re going to get a book ! the weather was nice and cloudy so i decided to film a little bit on my way and i changed the road so we can pass by some nice places with trees and stuff enjoy ! got the book and went back home and as usual , we continue the video at home our calm , peaceful place today i changed the angle , now you can see the fairylights ! i got this book it looks like this i wanted it in english but i got it in french because it’s cheaper so why not? so i got it , in english it’s “Veronika Decides To Die – Paulo Coelho” i think that’s how his name is pronounced i’ve wanted to read a Paulo Coelho book for so long but i never did it’s about mental health and psychological things even though i’m not planning to major in anything related to psychology later in mean ,, sooon *AAaaAAhhh* i’ve read a book called “Turles All The Way Down” , i’ve talked about it before and it was about mental health too , and this topic is really… interesting for me maybe not for other people but for me it actually is interesting this is why i got this book , because it talks about mental health i haven’t read anything yet because… the way down ,, and the way up ,, on foot ,,, i died ( to the book store and back home ) i don’t know ,, usually i get bored of french books , because in english i read so much faster i don’t know why , maybe because the french books i read were not about an interesting subject and i got a new bookmark , for free the one’s theme is like, Egypt , the other one was New York themed so yeah , i don’t know when i’m going to start reading, maybe tonight , because i got really bored so i decided to read again i stopped reading for a while , i haven’t read anything since summer so i decided to read again , i just got this feeling my mother asked me why am i not reading and i was like “……… i don’t know” so i got a book , and i’m going to read it , and i hoope i can read it in french i’m not used to it , but i guess i can , i guess and now , what i’m going to do is .. the backpack behind me and … there , all these books waiting for me to go study so , wait why is the camera like that? i don’t know if my voice , and the vibe are a little .. lazy but i really got tired , i didn’t expect i would be so tired so yeah let’s go study and you guys if you have to study go ahead make something to drink , and do something you have to do unlike me , i’ve been procrastinating for an hour ok it’s getting loud in here lol i didn’t study so hard just because i didn’t feel like it but like i did study a little , and this was my day cute and nice this was today’s video that’s Tom by the way you should get to know all my teddy bears , and all the things to which i gave names lol i still have to study so i’m going to continue , and IF i wasn’t tired , i’m going to start reading i’m really happy i got a book because it’s been a while i really loves the smell of books and if you’re one of those who don’t like it … we can’t be friends it’s getting loud out there again , so i’m going to say : *caughs* i hope you have a great day and to make this video less lazy i’m going to say something… constructive do something good to someone .. maybe your friends , siblings , family , strangers… i don’t know be good , and nice with everybody because the good you give comes back to you somehow we stop our philosophy here just that ,, bye