Who killed Lady Grey? Lord and Lady Grey live in a big house in London. Lady Grey has some very expensive diamonds. They are always in a bag under her bed. One weekend, Lord and Lady Grey had guests at their house for lunch. After lunch, Lady Grey was tired, so she went to her bedroom to sleep. Lord Grey stayed with the guests until 3:00 and then they went home. At 3:15 he went to the bedroom with some tea for his wife. Lady Grey was on the floor. She was dead. There was a knife next to her and a bag … but no diamonds. The police interviews James Green: After lunch, I went with Lord Grey to the living room and we had coffee. We saw Jane White through the window. She was in the garden with a book. At 3:00, I went home with Sue Black. She lives near me, so we went in my car. Sue Black: After lunch, I went into the garden. I saw Jane White in the garden and we went for a walk together until 3:00. Then we all went home . James Green lives near me, so I went with him in his car. Jane White After lunch, I went into the garden. Sue Black was with me. She said ‘Oh, my phone is on the table and she went back into the house. I stayed in the garden and read a book. At 3:00, I went home and watched TV Lord Grey We had lunch until 2:00, then I stayed in the living room with James Green. We had coffee together and we talked about business. At 3:00 the guests went home.