Making friends with people from other countries has broadened my perspective I think that was great. I can really feel myself growing as a person. Personally, the most memorable thing for me was when I traveled around Japan. Traveling is my hobby and I really like it. Even though I cannot speak English, everyone greeted me and talked to me kindly. I thought that was really nice. This is a memory that I will take to my grave. …grave? I will remember it until I die. I was really worried when I first came to Japan. But now, I have studied more Kanji and thanks to my LEP partners who helped me study, I am more confident. I would like to utilize my experience here in Japan even after I go back to Korea. There are so many bad things in the world today. But here at Toyo, many students from different countries are brought together to study. Japanese, American, European, Canadian, Chinese, Korean, everyone came together to study here at Toyo. For this, I am very grateful. Thanks All !