hi guys before diving straight into the
video for the lesson I would like to share the source of the idea of making
this video. so I went holidaying to this beautiful coogee beach in New South
Wales where the housekeeping staff asked me if I’d like the laundry to be
delivered on Wednesday. well he did not know that D is silent in this word and
the correct pronunciation is not Wednesday but Wensday and that
is where I thought that there are so many other common words which have
silent letters in them and we do not know the correct pronunciation so why not do
a video of all these common words which we use in our daily walk of life… so let’s quickly jump on to the next word .silent A. he spoke to me
romantically not romantically but romantically .silent B .please say that in
a subtle way not subtle way but subtle silent G. are you sure that you will
resign not resign but resign. silent k . I need to sharpen this knife not
knife but knife. silent N. Please make another column not column but column.
silent R. I asked for a receipt not receipt but
receipt. silent T. wow that’s a beautiful castle not Castle but Castle. Silent U
Can you can you pass me a biscuit please not be biscuit but biscuit. silent w
I wrote a book not worked but wrote so that was it guys so I hope you learnt
the correct pronunciation of these words they’re quite common words which have a
silent letter hidden in them well be careful when you write this spelling
because while writing these words you have to write the correct spelling but
while pronouncing these words the pronunciation does not involve these
silent letters yes so enjoy these are common words you use then give this
video a thumbs up that’s the like share comment and subscribe if you’re new to
this channel and you my dear, yes you know that you are my rock star and
you will be a champion soon so my champions I’ll see you around till then
bye bye take care.