Daimon a joke here in Paris you’re my second home this place is not even like we’re not tourists here this is my home I live we have lived here any time we come here it’s like come on Eiffel Towers 5 we used to study abroad here a while back but now we’re back to give you guys some tips if you’re studying because I must know travel tips for anybody studying abroad in Paris we learned so much every corner we turn we got a new tips number one if you’re under 26 do not forget to use it abuse that privilege and get discounts or just look under 26 a lot of times you have to be a citizen of the European Union however if you’re studying abroad you’re gonna have a french student card and a lot of times this offers you free access into a lot of museums you get discounted prices for movie tickets you take that and do whatever you can with it because it will work most of the times number 2 nightlife Erasmus is the number one word that you need to know when you’re trying to find where it’s good to go out in Paris stereotypically it’s not allowed Europeans I met some of my best friends from Erasmus proper answers parties why are they different so basically Erasmus is an organization that’s although the study abroad in all of Europe they come together in the specific cities and they host different language outings different happy hours and most of all different club bangers they give you a little sticker of your flag so I would have the stage joke about Brazil in the States and then people come up to you and they’re like oh my god you’re from the states – or oh my god you’re from the states let me talk to you or like let me squirt let me not lucky it’s just a cool different thing because you really do make friends I know you got some good friends I got some real good friends you know what I mean oh if you’re not looking to party with other study abroad errs you need to know about some night comm which is tip number three some night we use that all the time it’s basically a website that has all of the three events well we clicked free cuz we didn’t want to spend money but it has all the clubs and all the events going on in Paris it’ll tell you exactly what time you need to show up before doors start charging those covers so you buy a little boot a giraffe from one oh please pregame got yourself a good night Damon and Joel how am I gonna afford to live in Paris I am broke I have no money I want to go so badly but I cannot afford housing this is the word he needs no Sean it’s actually three words it’s three words but we make it one a Sean Paul the bun is the old maids quarters which typically means at the top of the building no elevator woke up seven fly and you know what it’s worth it because you ended up paying you paid two hundred and fifteen euros okay not 15 I paid 250 euros toilet either I fold out the Germany were fiscally thank you no bathroom in your role known as in no shower every time I wanted to shower had a knock on somebody’s door not somebody I mean I knew them they were another exchange to it because they had the shower in the room right to ask room around the toilet it was around the corner I was shared by eight different number five schools okay crews so coulis is a cafe that’s usually located in most universities in Paris and they offer everything at a discounted price because your student they respect that so they give you like poison coffees cheaper gets you can even go at a different University you don’t have to just go to your universe you don’t have to show your student card we may listen one the other day in my sake France a we didn’t even or school a oh thank you for my University I’d have to buy one book yours you did I did cuz I was in an American University I was a university fatty so regardless if you just want to browse some books the place to go is actually right on semi shell you’ll see yellow awnings G Belgian is the store for you they have it divided up by major by subject and then also you just want books to read they have 27 books on the outside one thing that’s interesting about my French University was that there was never a piece of homework now every single night he would just be free strolling and I’m like what is this lifestyle of course I had homework American Universities are a little bit different people are still studious which means that you find a place to study which means you need to go to Salt pop we do which is a Contemporary Art Museum they built their own library inside of it right so this is not a regular library it is so bump Internet there’s usually a wait line to get in but don’t let it discourage you there’s so much space inside and the reason why is because they do a bag check want to make sure you’re safe in studying the two S’s and if you’re really good you’ll be able to make some friends that’s like the hardest thing to do in Paris everyone in there is your age they’re your age studying it’s actually a good environment to work in there’s free Wi-Fi and there’s a couse in there so get your cheap coffee on lot so you’re American and you’re like I’m gonna go study in a coffee shop with my laptop Wi-Fi cheap coffee and clubs of course parents has cafes but these cafes are mainly where you go to eat and you sit with friends and you smoke cigarette that’s not what you’re looking for you’re gonna learn very quickly that Parisian cafe culture is very much the tiny espresso saying facing the street people watching when you’re trying to study your instincts may say Starbucks we just got to warn you they will have a limit on Wi-Fi coffee will be expensive and there will be no plug so there are actually two things we got to stay here one it’s gonna make you cringe McDonald’s is always a safe bet it is but if you go to the McDonald’s at Lego Blount you’ll see you can get a big cup of coffee one year of their plugs another way that you can get around studying in cafes with plugs and Wi-Fi are these coffee shops that are actually co-working spaces so instead of just buying coffee you’re buying coffee to stay there for a certain amount of time so I went to one called craft you pay for euros for a cappuccino it sounds expensive but you do have really high speed Wi-Fi and outlets all over the place so you’re trying to work in pairs now gotta make money where’s those expensive hello we got to Nick hold on poo sack and the American Church of Paris so few sec it’s a community of people who have relocated to Paris that are most likely American or english-speaking they’ll post a bunch of things like babysitting or au pairing or teaching English just like little side jobs they don’t need a visa for right some cash money and another way to get jobs is to go to the American Church of Paris oh yeah which has listings on the outside of the church when I’m trying to do a good church don’t worry but there are opportunities on the bulletin board also also for accommodation you can go to the American Church of Paris and don’t just think you can come here and like work in the bar you might be able to eat but they’re gonna want eat you working papers and as an American I’m gonna have it so get me air you get a lowest um wouldn’t you like this video if you’re planning on studying abroad in Paris and also comment below if you have questions for those of us who study there and if you’re from Paris or have lived impaired come on below do we miss labonz blonde we miss the deals because we’re trying to share those tips pears is damn expensive but yeah we still keep coming back oh it’s just sick to dunk my homie football so got a fourth on that subjunctive John oh you learned better here no I didn’t study in the study in the chow