hey everybody welcome to my channel my
name is Yana Immis and I’m talking about study abroad so I would talk today about
points which changed after I moved to Germany from Russia today I will talk about takeaways from
my study abroad in Germany which things changed how I changed how my relatives
my friends don’t recognize me when I go back home to Russia study abroad
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abroad at least 🙂 I came to Germany 10 years ago to do my bachelor degree then I did my master’s degree found an internship found job actually I would
say the job has found me because immigration office called my employer
and told them that I am overqualified and they should pay me more
so my employer had to raise the salary isn’t it great
I love how Germany protects you when you’re a qualified foreigner I love it
frankly speaking I didn’t know if I want to stay in Germany I mean you love it
and you hate it you have to get used to it because if you’re coming from a
developing country the life in Germany can be
a little bit tough for you because the things don’t work the same way well it took me
around three maybe years to get accustomed to the way Germans think and
behave and about things that are accepted in the country and what is not accepted
like a trial and error you know and yes it took me three years to understand
that this is the country where I want to live work and retire one day even if I
leave munich sometimes I travel a lot I always smile when I land in Franz Josef Strauss Airport of Munich and I’m happy to be back this is my town
this is my Kreis this is my country now I I wrote down all the things that I think
changed in me after study abroad experience in Germany if you’re my friend or a
relative or an enemy 😀 and you would like to tell the audience more about me
please put down in the comments what else has changed that you think changed so first of all I became German
literally I was Russian before and now I have only German passport I had to give
up my Russian passport it was a difficult choice to make but I took it
for the future of mine to be able to connect my profession to traveling to be
able to be independent in Europe for my future employment
I’m a patriot though still and I love coming back home to my country and my
family is in Russia but my heart belongs to Germany now I lived in Germany for
five years and I did not apply for permanent
residence I was offered a permanent residence in immigration office and I
was like I like well why not. I like that! Foreigners can apply for permanent residence five years
after living in Germany working in Germany but I didn’t think about that
like I came here to study and that’s it and then they offered it to me
themselves they’re like hey do you want permanent residence? So I was like well if
yeah, if you insist yeah so that’s how I got mine after
seven years of studying and working I applied to German passport and
successfully gotten up to a few pain moments two years after and so I’m
German since a year now it feels good and there’s travel possibilities ability to
open a company in Germany within one day and voting rights and as well employment
in any part of the world which is so much easier now. The best is that I
can visit my Mexican friends in London easily overnight and I can travel to
my good friend in the US overnight as well now there is no borders
somebody stop me now I became educated what I love the most about German
education is that it’s applied science most of the time it’s hands-on approach
means you do have books but you have to read them at home and books are not old
school they are coming from the US which is ahead of all books in the world and you learn from pros you learn by case studies by
workshops by presentations group projects and you’re thrown to work in a
group with different mentalities and it’s a lot of fun it is hard because you have
to make yourself learn home you apply during the classes but it’s so relevant
to the industry it’s so relevant to your future I did my bachelor and my master
degrees in business and finance and I fully apply it now in my business I’m
super happy about it I became punctual
well basically some of my friends actually hate me for that there’s some
friends of mine that are never on time I’m always on time now and in fact I can
be on time half an hour before the appointment because I have this now
thinking better super early than a little bit late I think I have trauma or
something I don’t know I have become law abiding basically I learned it the
hard way that paying the transport tickets makes sense long term that you actually
save money from paying it all so I realized obeying the rules paying the taxes
paying the radio tax just do it just do it everybody does it just do it and your
life is gonna be fine Iam one of those weirdos who doesn’t cross
the road on the red light at night when there’s no cars and there’s nobody on
the horizon and it’s just the way I am now call it GERMANized
I have become friendlier and hungry for networking here you are lost in
translation like in the movie if you’re Russian if you’re Chinese if you’re
Mexican if you’re Italian you bond in one classroom because all of you don’t
know German and all of you do not know the Germans so you kind of bond because
the family is far away so the friends that you make during your education are
the best network for you and they’re gonna be your closest friends now all of
my friends are across the globe but I know that if I am somehow travelling or
passing by I have this great mate out there that I can meet and I could stay
at and I really appreciate that and the network important for foreigners
to understand is that there is no network for you unless you work for it
so speak out spread the word do the network give the business card if you
don’t do the network network it’s not gonna be working for you I became more
open-minded coming from the conservative small city background so I never lived
abroad I travelled to the US a little bit and travelled for short trips abroad but I
never lived abroad and things here are really different I had to learn to
respect and understand other cultures it was not easy I learned so much about
different cultures because I worked with the Egyptians I studied with the Chinese
with the Austrians with the Italians with the Americans everybody is different I
didn’t know that in India they speak different languages in every corner of
the country I also didn’t know that Egypt is in Africa
I for some reason was totally wrong with my geography I learned that it doesn’t
matter where you come from we’re all the same and I opened my mind to different
cultures and I got inspired to learn Arabic now and to travel
across the globe I mean I would never dare to do some things because I
lacked knowledge about it like going to Sri Lanka or going to India until I met the
people from there I became independent and I became a planning freak so living
alone living abroad you have to do everything on your own and since in
Germany the majority of shops close early and in Munich on Sundays nothing
is open you have to do your groceries in advance you have to do your laundry in
advance and you have to plan people are busy and here people appreciate
work-life balance so if you disturb them they don’t like it that’s why you have
to schedule the appointments with them in advance to meet your friends if you
ask them when you’re available and you kind of combine your schedules to find a
good solution it’s different in my country so I had to get used to it and
now when I come back to Russia people are like dude we can just talk the same
day and schedule be spontaneous you know YOLO But I am like, but I have plans and I became a calculated risk taker
after study abroad experience which is a really big risk any other risk afterwards is
probably minor you learn to dare if you dare to do a jump and to move abroad
afterwards it’s not going to be difficult you made it if it doesn’t work out
you always have a safety blanket home you can always come back home but if it
works out and trust me it will your life will be enriched with all these positive