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will talk about how to pass IELTS how to score in it really well and I will give 18
tips and tricks on scoring at 7 IELTS least I’ve been there done that and you
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feedback so if IELTS is something new to you
these 18 tips and tricks will definitely help you score well or to score
better than you would have scored if you didn’t look at this video so I tried to
put down the most important things for you to perform well first of all make
sure to learn the structure of the test it is important to know the structure of
the test as much as to know the English language because it is time restricted
it has a certain standard so you have to know that so make sure to read the full
article on my website about the structure of the test tip number two is
to define your learning strategy I learn really well from writing I memorize
really well do you memorize better watching something or listening to
something you know yourself better do you have to attend group lessons or do
you have to get a tutor or do you better study on your own define that you can
get a lot of practice materials online official IELTS preparation
courses there are a lot of mock tests take them all do them all the moment you’re
perfecting them this is the time to take a test do mistakes learn from them every
time make yourself an aim to get better and better at IELTS for every test that
you take I recommend you to practice every day at least 45 minutes speaking
or listening to the English speech from native speakers it is mandatory practice
at least 45 minutes per day to get yourself familiarized with the test
structure do not disregard any module listening is
as important as reading so make sure to put emphasis on each of these modules
for sure train your brain to read at least every day in the English language
you have to train your brain to concentrate in that limited timeframe to
read a lot of material in English which is unknown which is not familiar which
is alien to you you won’t understand some words but don’t get demotivated
as long as you understand the whole concept of the text you understand the
meaning you can understand the author’s opinion it is enough to understand it
you’re already on the right track if you do not understand a word get the
vocabulary translate and memorize it before sleep make sure not to miss out on
something like that my next tip would be to set realistic expectations
aim for six if you’re aiming for six or seven if you are aiming for seven but then aim a
little bit higher than that the next tip would be to speak English at least
thirty minutes per day of course not everybody has a native speaker around
but you can get those on the web sites like tandem exchange where you teach
them your language they teach you English or speak out loud the next tip would be to
listen to podcasts and to watch TV shows and to familiarize yourself with the
English speech of the native speakers I was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S actually to learn
English and there’s so many available these days there’s no need to watch them
in your own language okay watch them either in your own
language with the English subtitles a bit but I recommend to watch them in the
netavie English language with subtitles in your language
the moment you understand that you don’t need the subtitles then consider
yourself ready I learnt English from computer games so I actually advise you to
continue playing but make sure to play the games where you are actually talking in
Ventrilo or I don’t know teamspeak in the english language with your friends
then this is not a problem you possibly are learning but then again we’re coming
back to the same point don’t disregard any other module if your listening and
speaking is good your writing and reading has to be good as well by the way if you
are reading a lot and you start reading more texts per day in the English language
your writing will subsequently improve because you learned the vocabulary and
then you’re used to looking at the way the English phrases are formulated so
you kind of practice subconsciously in the majority of the parts I recommend you to
look at the task really attentively and skim through the text first really quick
because this will give you a border about how big is the text how the
opinion of the author is formulated what is the emphasis on and then you
highlight your key words when you prepare it helps you out to make
structured writing. Structured writing on IELTS gets the best points the next
tip would be to actually be attentive sometimes in the exercise in the task
the answer is already given if you’re attentive enough you will see that so
read the exam tasks wisely make sure to answer exactly what is required not less
not more this is the standardized test they ask you something
– what they want from you don’t make extras nobody wants that the next point
is to filter irrelevant noise first of all it is about with your study
concentration make sure to get off the social media get off all devices
offline because this is the test that requires concentration and you have to
have it even in the practice test you have to put the timer for yourself
to be able to study and secondly when you have IELTS, IELTS is about finding the
points from the big text to filter out what is necessary for you so in the big
800 words text you will have a few key points which are important the rest
filter it out is not needed don’t focus on it the next tip would be you have to
practice at home transferring the answers from your answer sheet to the
original paper because it requires time and you have to be efficient when doing
it not to waste your time if you have free time make sure to re-check your
answers because again coming back to the spelling problems and to the grammar
mistakes it is as important so imagine you wrote the correct answer with
spelling mistake it’s wrong as if you have never written it be very attentive
make sure to re-check yourself the before the exam sleep well make sure to
dress properly with a proper attire consider IELTS to be a job interview
yes you cannot influence people when you’re doing reading writing or
listening tests but you have an interview with a native speaker it is
subjective testing so the person will be giving an opinion about you so make sure to
present yourself well the next tip would be actually funny one don’t be nervous
kinda like as if it helps but bring yourself chocolate or sugar bring yourself
water, eat it, drink it before the exam starts just don’t overdo it and I wish you good
luck it’s not the end of the world if you don’t make it you can always retake
it but aim high and that’s it you have done everything you have done all the
hard work to prepare yourself for the test and you’re gonna polish it you’re
gonna make it you’re gonna be good the test and nothing is gonna stop you
so come with it for the test with the positive outlook and of course be
yourself the more positive and calm you are the more yourself you are the better
the conversation with the native speaker goes because we’re all humans and it’s
very subjective again I normally advise all students to take the test irrelevant if you’ve studied in the English language or you know your English as
well or institution gave you a waiver because IELTS is also required for your
visa to study abroad to higher your chances just take it I mean just do it
I mean sometimes we have to set ourselves goals in life to take an IELTS
to take a GMAT to apply for something to achieve something it’s cool
to set yourself aims and achieve them makes you feel good and of course how
can you explain in the interview to someone that you know English well the
best way is to put it on your resume if you have IELTS on your resume GMAT GRE
what not on your resume it’s already a definition you can achieve results so
that’s it for today let me know if you have any questions if you already took
IELTS tests let us know your experience in the comments below we’ll be happy to
hear it have a good day bye