(upbeat music) – [Tom] Supra features an
electronic gear selector lever used to select and engage gears,
automatically or manually. A shift lever lock prevents
unintentional shifting. Press and hold this
button to release the lock and move the shift lever
in the desired direction. A simple push forward or pull back past a resistance point
puts the Supra in Neutral. The shift lever will automatically return to the center
position when released. Pull back on the shift lever
past a second resistance point to put Supra in Drive or push forward to put Supra in Reverse. The current gear selection is indicated in the instrument cluster display. The transmission can also
be used in manual mode. When Supra is in Drive, pull the shift lever to the
left to switch to manual mode. An M is displayed in
the instrument cluster along with a number
indicating the engaged gear. To upshift, pull back on the shift lever. To downshift, push the
shift lever forward. Paddle shifters can also be
used to shift gears quickly while keeping both hands
on the steering wheel. Pull briefly on the
right paddle to upshift and on the left paddle to downshift. To return to automatic mode, push the shift lever to the right. While in automatic mode, paddle shifters can also be used for brief
periods of manual shifting. With the shift lever in Drive,
pull briefly on the right or left paddle to initiate manual mode. After driving for a certain period of time in manual mode without manually shifting, the transmission switches
back to automatic mode. Put Supra in Park only when
the vehicle is stationary. To put Supra in Park,
simply press the P button on the shift lever and
engage the parking brake. Supra switches to Park
automatically in several situations; If the engine is shut off while the vehicle is still in gear, if the ignition is switched from Accessory to Off while the transmission
is still in Neutral, if the driver attempts to exit Supra while it is still running and in gear. Refer to the owner’s
manual for more details. (upbeat music)