Hi guys! It’s Asiya and today it rains
cats and dogs. If you’re like me and you’ve learned this idiom at school, then
forget it. No one would say this in English anymore. Today I’ve prepared for
you 25 super common idioms which you can use in typical IELTS Speaking situations.
If you’re wondering why I’m talking about idioms and IELTS speaking, that’s
because your examiner will check if you can use idiomatic language. And if you
can use it naturally and accurately, it’s a sign of a band 9 score. Before we dive
in, I just want you to know that now you can get all the strategies and tips for
your IELTS Speaking preparation that will help you achieve your best score in
one single place in my new PDF guide. I’m gonna link it in the description box
below. Please check it out and now let’s get started! The first one is a blessing in
disguise it means a good thing which initially
seemed bad for example last autumn my company made me redundant but it turned
out to be a blessing in disguise just a month later I found an amazing job so a
blessing in disguise and if your company makes your redundant
it means they let you go but not because you’re underperformed but because of the
company doesn’t need you anymore and then next one is the best of both
worlds it means to have advantages of two contrasting options let’s say in
that two news I often work from a co-working space
having the best of both worlds I still work for myself but I’m surrounded by
people I could chat to the next one is don’t judge the book by its cover
it means you can’t know what someone or something is like just by looking at
that person’s appearance or everything in part two you often need to describe a
person so I could say he often wears old discolored t-shirts and shabby shoes but
don’t judge the book by its cover he is one of the top paid architects in the
country if you’re caught between a rock and a hard place it means you’re a
difficult situation imagine a rock and a hard place so you
have to make a choice between two equally unpleasant options and let’s say
I twerk I found out that my friend is about to be fired so I found myself
between a rock and a hard place either I don’t want her about what’s coming or I
disclose confidential information the next one is to cut corners it means to
do something in the easiest cheapest and fastest way
and it often has the negative meaning let’s say he often tried to cut corners
so I wasn’t surprised when he was fired a piece of cake it means something is
very easy passing that exam was a piece of cake I hope you’ll be able to say
that very soon the last troll it means a relay test in a series of
problems which makes the situation impossible to accept a let’s say I’ve
been having problems with my landlord for a long time but when he refused to
replace the broken washing machine it was a very lost so I moved out next to
bite off more than you can chew it means to take a task of it’s too big or
difficult let’s say I volunteer to give a presentation at school a day before my
exam and now I have no idea how I can prepare for both I think I’ve bitten off
more than I can chew to cost an arm and a leg it means something is very
expensive the new Samsung smartphone costs an arm and a leg but I’ve bought
it anyway another way to say that something is very expensive is to break
the bank if you get asked do you often go on holiday you could say with the
current exchange rate going in holiday would break the bank but there is no way
I could afford it to make ends meet it means to make enough money to pay for
food and bills my parents raised for kids so they often struggle to make ends
meet bread and butter but how you earn money to leave let’s say I do a lot of
photography but counting is my bread and butter it means
accounting brings you most money you used to leave on to put all your eggs in
one basket it means to depend for your success on one person or one cause of
action I’m applying to several universities because I don’t want to put
all my eggs in one basket far cry from it means to be very different from
something else the salaries in the banking industry a far cry from what
they used to be in the heat of the moment it means you do something or say
something because you’re so angry or excited in the heat of the moment it
seems like the only thing I could do to make a long story short or to cut the
long story short it means to give a conclusion to a long story or to give a
short summary and you can use it in the end of your part to talk to indicate to
the examiner that you’re about to finish to cut the long story short it was a
terrible trait and I was happy to be back home once in a blue moon it means a
very rarely my brother lives in Australia so I see him once in a blue
moon a drop in the ocean it means something is so small that it doesn’t
really have any real impact some countries plant new forests but
it’s a drop in the ocean the tip of the iceberg it means there is a bigger
hidden problem when it comes to global warming hotter summers are just the tip
of the iceberg next to go Dutch it means to share the cost of something
especially a meal in a restaurant today more and more young people prefer
to go dutch even when they are on a date that’s definitely true in the UK isn’t
something you see in your country to compare apples and oranges means to
compare two completely different things let’s say I don’t know which hobby I
enjoy more doing yoga or playing piano it’s like comparing apples to oranges not my cup of tea
it means you don’t like something I enjoy skiing playing tennis and go into
the gym but jogging is not my cup of tea it jogging is running food for salt it
means something is worth thinking about carefully a date book always gives you
food for thought to have a sweet tooth it means to love sweet food I’m a sweet
tooth and I love chocolate and all kinds of cakes that’s not true by the way down
to earth to be practical and sensible my father is a kind and down-to-earth man
that’s true as you can see it’s possible to use idioms in a way that is so
natural that they attract no attention at all but give you some extra points
and if you want to learn all the strategies that will help you achieve a
higher score in IELTS speaking in one place but then please check out my new
guide I’m sure it will be super handy in your preparation and thank you for
watching me today good luck with your preparation and your exam bye