Hi, my name is Chris the IELTS expert and
band 9 scorer. This is IELTS daily – the best place for you
to practise your IELTS every day. In today’s topic, we’re going to look at
sport and active lifestyle. In part 1 of the IELTS speaking exam. Are you ready?
Let’s go! This topic is one of the most common topics in the IELTS exam, so let’s
have a look at some of the recent questions now. Here’s my answer: Well, as a rule, I tend to be as active as
possible. At the weekend I enjoy going for bike rides with my friends. We
normally cycle for about two or three hours. Recently I’ve also started to
attend yoga classes because it’s a great way to improve my flexibility Remember in part 1 of the exam your answers don’t need to be very long but
remember to try to use some good vocabulary and some advanced grammar Let’s take a look at some of the vocabulary that you maybe
want to use during your speaking part one. In speaking part one try to answer the
question as much as possible the examiner is listening for a full answer
and that will count towards your fluency and coherence mark Here’s my sample answer There are plenty of
different sports in my home country but by far the most popular is football
also known as soccer. The UK is famous for the Premier League with teams such
as Manchester United or Chelsea and every weekend hundreds of thousands of
people attend football games. We also have some traditional sports such as
cricket or even croquet. I don’t know if you know about croquet
but it’s famous for being played by only rich people tip as well as staying on
the topic you do need to expand your answer a little bit so try to talk about
your experiences or anything interesting that you know about this sport you could
say something like in the north of the country many people are into football
but in the south they really love playing basketball more recent questions
let’s think about some more recent questions from the exam so you can be
prepared on your exam day what do people do to stay active this question is quite
similar to our first question today but this question is not about you it’s
about people in your country you could use words such as free time spare time
leisure time or even leisure centres grammar ideas remember to use the ing
form of verbs it’s also called the gerund
for example ski becomes skiing swim becomes swimming and run becomes running
some examples are I like to go running I enjoy swimming and keen on hiking
that’s the end of part 1 in part 2 we’re going to talk about a sport that you
enjoy this is a really common exam question so you must be prepared for it
in the next session I’m going to give you lots of ideas and examples
that you can use during your exam remember to keep practicing record
yourself and listen it’s so important you’re doing really well and keep up the
good work my name is Chris the IELTS expert and band 9 scorer
this is iOS daily the best place for you to practice your IELTS every day thanks
very much for watching and see you soon