– Black belt is the belt of having a firm, solid grip on your basics. Mr. Dean has come a long way. I like his progression. When he came to me he already had that smooth fluidity that you see in his game, so that was not something I gave him, that was something he had. But he polished that and became the practitioner that he has as well as the instructor that he has, that he has become. And I’m very proud of
what he has accomplished. And very, very excited for this test because he will be my second third degree black belt. Nice, again. Push him, TJ, push him. Very nice. (everyone applauds) (mumbles) (mumbles) (everyone applauds) (everyone applauds) Time. (everyone applauds) Thank you, one more please. (everyone applauds) When you wear a brown belt or a black belt and you start doing seminars people will test your
abilities and your mindset, so it’s very, very important that you have your school repeatable skill sets. That’s why he’s just so diffluent. Very nice. (everyone applauds) Tap. (everyone applauds) Okay, good. The impression that my professor
used in Gracie left on me, his style of Jujitsu is very
different from everybody else, it was a, he could turn
it up if he wanted to but he could also play with you, but then when he would turn it up it felt like a 400 pound
mind reading boa constrictor, and that made an impression on me and so I started to try and emulate that. (everyone applauds) Hey, you can’t use my
own stuff against me. (people laughing) (grunts) (everyone applauds) (grunts) (everyone applauds) (people laughing) (everyone applauds) (light music) Award you the third stripe. (everyone applauds)