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question for the day. Five things I absolutely loved about studying at
Musicians Institute. So there you have it this is video number two who had a
shorter video with only three things I hated or disliked about studying at
musicians Institute at Hollywood so since I did that video I decided to do
another one with some of the things that I really liked and I just wrote down the
five things that I immediately came up to my mind they’re way way more but
those five would have to do for this short ask the guitar coach video. So
let’s get started. Number one I really like that ahead access to extremely high
level teachers in all kinds of different styles. In my country in Greece I had I
would find like good players and really good teachers in different styles but
very rarely like I would find a good teacher
of rock music and then a couple years later I would find a good jazz player
and maybe find someone who would play counter really well but couldn’t really
teach it and I would hear about someone who’s a good blues guitar teacher. But
in GIT I had all those people every day in the same building hearing them
play watching them walk by me being able to just jump in their open counselling
session and listen to play and actually ask them questions about
how I could develop my playing towards their style like the style of
music that they were playing so I will just go to a room and play with Keith Wyatt
who’s an amazing blues guitar player and ask him what do I need to fix. He would
be like you need to fix your bands they’re not in tune okay how
do I do it he would explain and then I would go home and practice and the next
day or even the same day I would go and spend some time with Steve trovato
who’s a really good country guitar player very professional player and then
he would tell me some things and then the next moment I would do with
Danny Gill or somebody else or Scott Henderson. So this is an amazing
opportunity that really really great great players great teachers and this
was good both for the actual teaching but also for the inspiration.
The second thing I really enjoyed was being able to work with and continuously
being inspired and actually also compete with my fellow guitar students because
you know when you’re coming from another country there’s like maybe two or three
five other people in the county that would go to the school and would
have taken it very seriously so you think that these are the people
that you have to kind of compete with even though competing is probably not the
right word to use. However once you are there you see that everybody in the
school is a really advanced player so you are continuously trying to develop
your playing so you can just keep up with them
and trust me when I say that like if you play guitar and you live in a small town
maybe you know a couple of more decent guitar players but if you go to school
like that then all of a sudden is like 600 people everybody who holds a guitar
seems to be playing better than you and that really kicks your ass big time
immediately you have to like really try to keep up and both with the playing
requirements of the school and also to be able to play good enough to be next
to those players. The first thing I really liked even though I was too young
at the time to take advantage of it is the ability to do some networking and that means to get to know people in the music industry
from all different kinds parts of the music industry. Some
writers singers musicians people that we worked in the music business that
worked in recording companies in record companies. Everything everything was
there. There were people always available for a quick chat or for a private
meeting or if you want to take some private lessons. This was really a great
opportunity so people will say that they will go to LA for the networking
opportunities I really would not go there just for that but it was a great
thing to also have available. Number four Los Angeles has an amazing live
performance scene. Like the kind of stuff you just read about in blogs or
magazines and it’s right there happening to you every day.
I remember when I went there the baked potato was a world-famous club I had
heard about recordings of fusion musicians at the baked potato and I
would go there like once or twice a week. It was right like a few miles from my
house so I could actually see those players really play live almost in front
of me. Well actually in front of me like it was less than eight feet distance so
this was a great experience because this was happening everywhere around Los
Angeles and that’s one of the things I miss the most
even now. Finally being a guitar player I really enjoyed the access to amazing
instruments I could find there. I bought some really really nice guitars but they
were constantly available people were selling used instruments that will buy
new ones. Everything new would first come through Los Angeles the Guitar Center
the different guitar places and then it would be distributed in the rest of the
US so at the time if you were in Los Angeles it was really the guitar mecca
like you could find anything you wanted. I remember I found
some very very unique and very rare guitars like Steinbergers and other
instruments quite easily like I decided to look for a Steinberger I found
one within two weeks. I looked for a Chapman Stick and H2 Chapman Stick
I found one after two weeks. So this was not the easiest thing to do if you don’t
live in Los Angeles and it’s one of the things I really enjoyed. So there you
have it five things I really enjoyed about studying in musicians Institute at
GIT in Hollywood. This would definitely I’m gonna repeat this again again not
the only good things there were many more things for the curriculum and stuff
like that but these were the first five that came to mind. So I hope this was
helpful and I will see you at the next episode of ask the guitar coach. Until
then keep those questions coming and keep on shredding. Bye bye!