– Today’s the day. Let’s do this. (playful electronic music) It is currently 3:13 right now, and it’s been exactly 54 days since I last saw my girlfriend. And today, I get to jump on a plane, fly 2,000 miles, and see her for the weekend. I only get to see her six or
seven times a year, maybe less. Long distance relationships
are made up a lot of… it’s a lot of waiting. It’s almost like in these
relationships we put ourselves through a heartbreak every
time we go and see each other, because we know at the end
of our meeting together, we’re going to have to go
back to our respective places. And that sucks, it honestly sucks. It sucks that I haven’t
seen my girlfriend 54 days. It sucks that when I get there, I’m dreading the day that I have to leave. It sucks to know that I’m gonna
be crying on the airplane, flying back to California. It sucks that the only real
moments we can have together are just a sliver of time
where we have to condense everything that we’re supposed to have experienced as a couple into three days. I just got to the airport. I think the key for me right now, and the hardest thing, is trying not to think
about when it’s over. One thing I do hate is flying. I dunno, I just don’t
like being in a small room with a lot of people, in a moving vehicle, so… (smooth electronic music) Oh my gosh it’s so cold. Let’s go find Ying. But seeing her for the
first time in 54 days reminds me of why it’s all worth it. – [Steven] Hi!
– Hi. Wait dude, we need to go there, look how many cars are behind us. – [Steven] Oh my gosh, hi!
– Hi. – [Steven] Hi!
– Okay, stop. – And we really do cherish the moments more so than any other couple that I know. But I’m tired, I just flew
across the freaking country. Like the moments we get to celebrate all of our missed anniversaries. Whoa, you got me shoes! – [Ying] I don’t.
(laughing) – Thank you, Ying. – [Ying] You’re welcome. – [Steven] And the
moments our relationship picks up right where it left off. – [Ying] A beautiful day out. – With a beautiful lady. And then there are those moments that we get to explore the
city just like we used to. Where are we off to? – It’s called North Market. (lighthearted electronic music) – Not to mention, make up for all the meals that
we missed eating together. All right, we got our food, I got phở, she got Indian food, let’s eat. And eventually we just
start to settle back slowly into what used to be. Those moments where we just watched TV, hung out with old friends, shared inside jokes, and just walked around
enjoying each other’s company. All of those moments that
make long-distance worth it. But then of course, life doesn’t stop for us, you know? Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, what’s up Ying? What are you doing? (Ying laughs) – The struggles. So we’ve come to the time
where we’re gonna start planning the next trip where
we get to see each other. This is the time where we just kinda ease back into the real world. I guess in the end what we learn is that long-distance is really, really tough. But sometimes I do feel
like it’s a struggle that we were meant to go through. To make us stronger. Because I mean if we can get through this, then we can get through anything, right? We just have to trust each other, and love each other, and give each other our all. Call me naïve, but, I think it can work. It never, ever, ever gets easier. I told myself this time
I wasn’t gonna cry. I remember the first
time I dropped Ying off at the airport after she visited me. I cried to hard at that
I was blind driving home. It was the most dangerous
drive I’ve ever done. And then I cried the time after that, and the time after that, and now it’s the fifth time. It just never gets easier, you know? Gotta go back to reality. Oh man, the sniffles are coming. (melancholic electronic music) (jagged electronic buzzing)