hello and welcome back to successful living today I have a very special a very exciting video because this is actually a collaboration with the lovely Leila from love English with Laila and zebra I love them so much their channel was also one of the mixed-up winners of 2018 they’re amazing and they’re actually English teachers so they channel is all about learning English and that was something that you asked me before we talked about this on my previous videos how to learn English but from them I got you the best seven tips to learn English or any language that you want and I hope that you will also love these tips before you go and watch the remaining of the video make sure that you go and check out their Channel I’m gonna leave it in the description box below make sure that you go there and watch our video there as well because we also made a video for their Channel and show their channel and our video some love and here we are 7 tips for learning English from Laila of love English with Laila and Sarah hi guys I’m Laila from love English I’ve been a language teacher for 10 years and one of the top things and my students ask me is quite obviously how can I learn English so today I want to share with you my top seven tips for learning well English but of course this could be any language are you ready number one time make sure that you dedicate a specific time a certain amount of time every day to learning the language that you want to focus on that doesn’t have to be having your head in a grammar book it could be as simple as spending ten minutes reading an article in English or the language you are learning so making sure that you really do dedicate yourself that you know that for 15 minutes a day 20 minutes a day whether you know that you study better in the morning or in the afternoon spend a specific amount of time studying now this doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours at a time studying in fact research has shown that dedicating many smaller amounts of time when you study any subject is much more useful than having big study sessions in one go and then nothing for days on end so study smart make sure that you dedicate specific short bursts of time to studying a language and the easier it’s going to be to learn you’ll start to recognize specific sounds associated with that language number two immersion what does that mean that means immersing yourself in a language basically surrounding yourself with the language that you are learning whether that is reading newspapers reading magazines listening to music watching films watching the news in English changing your social media to English changing Google your web browser to English or whichever language you are learning making sure that you are constantly surrounded by the language means that you are more likely to recognize the specific sounds associated with that language but of course you will also be listening regularly to the words or reading them so it will become much more familiar to you and make it easier when you come to studying sitting down with a grammar book or learning some vocabulary number three is connected with a number two and that is integrating English into your daily routine that could be something as simple as writing your grocery list in English I’m assuming you’re learning English you’re listening to me in English or even choosing to read the news about your country in English first you might want to then read in your own language but by having this routine you are again encouraging immersion number four I think you guys will like this one don’t get stressed by grammar you don’t need to know the ins and outs and the most advanced grammatical structures to speak English correctly learn phrases fixed phrases how are you doing today how are you doing today it’s been a busy week it’s been a busy week learn these phrases to learn the pronunciation of them and simply insert them into conversation when you are trying to speak in English you do not need to worry about the grammar it’s not always about that certainly when I have learned any languages I know a little bit of Italian a little bit of Farsi and I always learnt phrases my grammar in those languages terrible but I can still speak a little of course as you become a more advanced speaker then you will need to study and get a grammar book number 5 have you got one of these mobile phone then you can do this record yourself learn those fixed phrases record yourself speaking and listen back to it you can do this regularly and listen to your pronunciation improve you could even watch a film rewind an actor or an actress saying something and imitate it copy their intonation their speech their pronunciation and record yourself this is a great way if you’re studying on your own and not necessarily in a classroom number six and I think this is possibly one of the most important things that you can do when studying a language personalize everything by making connections with your own life using the language you are more likely to remember this whether that is vocabulary this could be something like irritating irritating to be irritated or for something to be irritating it means annoying it’s another word for boy in this case you might say my mother is really irritating she’s always calling me at a bad time now I’m sure your mother isn’t irritating but think of somebody that you might find a little bit irritating or annoying and write sentences say them out loud but make them about people and things you know you are then making the connections between existing knowledge new vocabulary and new grammar and hopefully it will actually stay in here so personalize everything you learn grammar vocabulary idioms make sure that you make it about you number seven might be a difficult one it could be something that you think about doing when you feel a bit more confident in English certainly pre intermediate and above should be avoiding this thing Google Translate now I do love Google Translate I occasionally use it myself however when my students are studying the worst thing they can do when they find a new word while they’re reading or they hear it is to go to Google Translate by doing this you are limiting your learning basically when somebody comes to ask you what that word means you won’t be able to describe it by learning the definition of vocabulary you will be able to actually describe it if for some reason you forget it while you’re talking and of course there’s also synonyms when you look up a word in a dictionary or even a dictionary app let’s face it not many of us use books anymore then that you will also get a list of synonyms similar words that you could use in replacement of that word therefore building your vocabulary even more the benefits of using a language dictionary far outweigh the fast convenience of Google Translate right guys those were my seven tips for learning a language let us know comment in the box below and tell us what are some of your tips and which of those tips are you gonna try and implement when you are learning English thank you so much once again Laila for these amazing tips and there are some things that I’ve never heard of and I think they will be really useful let me know let us know in the comments below how they work out for you and again don’t forget to check their channel out and show some love to our collaboration video also on their Channel thank you so much for your support in advance and also if you’re not subscribed to this channel and you love the content of successful living tips make sure that you join the family by clicking the link here and once again thank you laila for this lovely collab i’ll see you all in my next video bye [Music]