This video is about my typical day study in Melbourne Firstly, I have to wash my face And then brush my teeth comb my hair I almost finish my morning routine We can not forget our morning skin care routine I start it by applying toner and lotion The last step is applying sunscreen Now, I am on my way to school Today I have History of Ideas class at Gateway Building You can see my winter fashion style. The weather here is so cold and windy. Now, you can see how strong the wind is Normally, I walk to school it is also a way for me to work out You can also go to school by tram so don’t worry To travel by tram, we have to create a myki card I am now still under 18 so I can pay half of the price when I touch on my card It costs half of the price which is 4 dollars for children type of card After the first time you touch on your card in a day, you can go to any stops free in 2 hours This is Trinity College’s entrance This is the main building that I have classes This is the lecture room It has about hundreds of seats As you can see, we bring our laptops and school’s ipads to access the lessons online The teacher stands up there to talk about the topics And lesson is viewed on those big two screens After that, I move to Victoria street to study an another subject Each subject can be studied at different places Then, I have psychology class at Gateway Building No one is here Psychology is totally a new subject to me So i decide to look through the new words on Quizlet Now I am walking back to my accomodation It’s extremely cold On Ground floor, we have study space and mail boxes Now we are going up to 12th floor and let see what we have there This is where we can do laundry, have a barbecue party we also have common room to entertain I am now doing the laundry of my clothes we put clothes on the rack then we go to the market we finish our class early so we both agree to go to Queen Victoria Market This is the tram stop at Queen Victoria Market We have enough ingredients so this is time for cooking Our today’s meal is fried rice [cooking talking] [cooking talking] Now I am going to the gym to work out These are the exercises to straighten my back We are all provided Ipads to study There are apps that are already set for us to study The main app for me to study is TCOLE There are full lessons of every subject here I have 7 subjects in total I am under 18 so i have to do curfew