Hi I’m Emma Xerry and I’m a 2nd year in the dance studies Bachelor at the University of Malta. So a day in the dance studies course is basically we start off with two technique classes. They consist of ballet, contemporary, and contemporary we do various styles. After we have technique classes, we go into our theoretical or sometimes also practical classes. It’s very intensive. It helps you to improve in your contemporary performance and also technique skills, very much. You learn the tools which you need to create a performance. Although you’re training technically and you’re learning theoretically – so you also learn about the history of dance, analysis of the body, choreographic processes – you also are able to join in your peers choreographies. What I’m interested in very much in third year particularly is, we go through a process which leads eventually to a tour. Where the performance which we train for is performed through different Universities. So you’re performing abroad. You’re also performing the tour in schools in Malta. The best thing about the course for me personally was that I got to, not only train with Maltese students, but I also got the chance to meet students from different countries. Making new friends. Also, the intensity of the course helped me very much how to deal with my physical and mental strengths.