(upbeat electronic music) – Hi, my name’s Kanal. I’m a second-year bachelor
of commerce student at the University of Melbourne looking to major in economics and finance. (upbeat electronic music) Usually I get to uni about 10 o’ clock. I’ll tram in. The tram system in
Melbourne is really great. It’s a free tram service to uni. It’s, trams are every about
one minute or two minutes, depending on what time it is, so it’s a really great way to get to uni. When I get here, usually if
it’s early in the morning, I get a good coffee. My favorite cafe, Books and Blots, which is just next to uni. And, yeah, it just
depends on what my day is. Sometimes I’ll go off to the Faculty of Business
and Economics building to be studying for my first classes, just catch up on any work I need to do, just stuff like that. Catch up with friends. There’s always people
always around here because all the college students are
on one side of the campus. You always run into someone you know, have a chat, have a laugh. Uni is all about socializing as well, so it’s a good way to do that. (upbeat electronic music) This is SPOT, level
two, where most people, I come to study pretty much every day. It’s originally meant for
post-graduate students but a lot of undergrads
come here and study now ’cause there are free rooms. Pretty much I’ll come in in the morning, I’ll go to pretty much
every room and see if I know anyone and I’ll sit down and study for.. Until my first class. (upbeat electronic music) So I’ll have like the
classes and my lectures right around lunchtime. I’ll probably walk up to the
main campus every now and then. There’s always barbecues or there’s some kind of activity up there. Every Tuesday there’s actually a band playing up at North Court, which is just next to
the Student Union House, and there can be some
really good bands there, as you probably know. Like Smiths group band,
and stuff like that. So a good way to get some free food and chill out with your mates. Because a lot of my friends
do different courses, it’s always good to go up to main campus and see them, like people
who do science or arts. A lot of my friends are
doing Bachelor of Science. So it’s always good to
head up to main campus, see them, get some lunch
with them, catch up. (upbeat electronic music) We just got a burrito
bowl down at Zambrero, so that’s in union house, it’s hip to do different
food around there. Mexican, there’s Subway, there’s kebabs, all kinds of stuff. So we just came to squat
outside of Arts West, a nice place to eat and just chill out. Weather’s nice today as
well, so, it’s chillin’ out. It’s good. (upbeat electronic music) So here at south lawn for
the end of semester barbecue held by CSS, which is the
Commerce Students’ Society. So, just free sausages, havin’
a good time with your mates. It’s the last of studying in week 12. (upbeat electronic music) It’s a bit questionable. There’s no real sauce dispenser. I don’t think I trust
cooking with these guys, but free food is free food. – My name is Kate and I’m from the Commerce Students’ Society and today we’re having our
end of semester barbecue and we’re selling tickets
to our end of exams party, so we put this on for Commerce students so they can come down and have a good time. And meet lots of other people and then, obviously have a party after exams. – Hi, this is my friend Lilian
Brandt, she’s on CSS as well. Tomorrow morning she’s flying out to Sydney for a case competition. Tell us more about it? – Yeah, so basically companies that are challenged about a month ago and we’ve just had a big tackle of it, got through a couple of rounds, and tomorrow we get to fly down into the head office in Sydney to
compete in the final stage. (upbeat electronic music) – Alright, so this is my friend Mitch, we’re actually going.. We met each other at
the science oak cabinet at the start of the first year, and we’re actually going
to exchange together in the U.S. in Manchester next semester. We’re gonna travel for
a month before then and then we’re gonna head up there. – Yeah, should be really good. So I was very impressed by
the number of places that the university offered in
terms of going on exchange. As a Commerce student you
just have a lot of opportunity to go to a variety of different countries. And everything is taught
in English and it’s amazing that you have all these
partner institutions and I’m really looking forward to it. – Yeah. – To going to Manchester. – One of my friends goes to
University of Pennsylvania and one’s going to UCLA
and another one’s going to University of Birmingham and we’re all heading off in around the same time. It’s a good time to get away from uni, you go there for the study element but there’s also the party element as well. (laughs) There’s gonna be a fair
amount of it when we go there. – So, and there’s always, if you don’t meet enough
interesting people in Melbourne, you get to go on exchanges
and meet even more interesting people, so it should be really great. It should be really exciting. (upbeat electronic music) – So, there’s a free
drinks tent that pops up every now and then and
they’ve got The Massive Hit, and this dude is just
gonna come and go grab it, so we’re gonna grab one now. ♫ Gonna throw it back to you ♫ By now, you should’ve somehow
realized what you gotta do ♫ I don’t believe that anybody So the campus in Melbourne
it’s just, it’s great. Like, we’re so close to the city, and there’s so much playing to do. Like, if you’ve seen the tour of campus, it’s so open and there’s
so many kind of areas to just chill out with your friends. And the facility itself is so great, the uni is always
constantly updating them. A recent building was just
finished about last year. And there’s just construction going on every now and then but
you barely notice it. And there’s always just
new facilities to go to. And this, the culture at Melbourne uni is also just so great. Everyone is just so friendly around here. You’ll never.. You can say hi to pretty much anyone and you can have a nice
conversation with anyone you meet. I think that’s something really
defining about Melbourne. Just the really friendly vibe of it. And that definitely carries
on into Melbourne uni as well. (upbeat electronic music) ♫ And all the roads we
have to walk are winding ♫ And all the lights that
lead us there are blinding ♫ There are many things that I would like – If you liked this video and you want to learn more about
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