Hi there! I’m Hoa Pham from Vietnam and
I’m currently studying Bachelor of Communication (Journalism specialization)
at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. My lifelong passion has always
been languages. Ever since I could read the first Vietnamese words, I have
naturally taken to writing poems and short stories – first on familiar subjects
around me like my cousin learning to walk, then on topics like kingdoms,
princes and princesses, or even a forest’s overthrow of the lion’s tyranny. I take
great pleasure in playing with words like this: “Factories flower while
forests fall: Development or Detriment?” I started learning English at 8 and
have since taken part in many national and regional English competitions. These
experiences have shaped my self-awareness and motivated me to
inspire the local youth back home to overcome the distance between them and
their peers in big cities. Apart from academic commitments, I also take on
marketing and public relations roles for a number of social organizations and
educational causes. I am the Founder and Secretary-General of the first Model
United Nations conference in my hometown, in which students role-played delegates
from different countries and have hopefully embraced a brand new window on
the world since. I am aspiring to a career in media and communications because I
love communicating, presenting, writing, editing and influencing. I am seeking any
opportunity to broaden my industry knowledge, gain practical experience and
build an online presence by engaging in WordPress and YouTube like this. So stay
tuned and I will see you in future videos