[Brianna Wright]: I really feel like its changed my life. I feel like a different person in a lot of ways. Not just with the knowledge that I’ve learned but with the confidence that I’ve built. [Music] We had just taken Professor Elsbach’s organizational behavior class. We covered a lot about company culture in that class. Once I got to the internship, I was able to look at the actual problem and just started making all these connections, synthesizing these ideas that I had gone over in class. I’m still in a position where what I’m most passionate about is to help people reach their full potential. [Emma O’Rourke-Powell]: There are clubs for any kind of opportunity that you might be looking for. It turns out that there is a Women in Leadership club here on campus that I was able to start getting involved in my first week on campus. It was really clear to me that to get the most out of it, it made sense to go full-time. That is something that I’ve noticed here, is by being full-time, it means that I can say yes to any opportunity that appears. It’s so understated but they’re really excellent — like the caliber of the faculty, the faculty’s experience with an industry as well as in the classroom. To me, it was unparalleled and very surprising to realize that I had that resource just in my backyard. [Michael Li]: I didn’t expect our career development team to be so involved in our career search and interview preparation. But the more important thing to me is to learn the knowledge that I want to learn not only in the sustainable energy field I am interested in, but also in the overall business aspect. I’ve really enjoyed making friends, meeting new people, not only can it benefit my personal life but also help each other in terms of career development. [Music]