5200 organizations 17730 scheduled work terms 1 great year So happy you hire Waterloo You’ve helped make the past year one of our best. You make the future brighter. Creating jobs Teaching new skills Opening doors to new possibilities A year in the life of Co-operative Education and
Career Action at the University of Waterloo. 17730 scheduled work terms 140 co-op programs 5200 organizations 743934 job applications 18657 job postings 77310 interviews 42966 in person interviews at the Tatham Centre 18578 phone interviews 10073 Skype and video interviews 317 group interviews 355 information sessions equals one great year William M. Tatham Centre for Co-operative Education and Career Action 166 full time and contract staff 37 phone and webcam stations William M. Tatham Centre for Co-operative Education and Career Action 6 group interview rooms 123 interview rooms Waterloo Students are equipped with the skills to meet
your unique business requirements all year round. We prepare our students for success in your workplace 5,927 students got advice from our award-winning online career education guide 8,164 students attended career/job search workshops 4,457 career/job search advising meetings 5,248 students dropped-in for quick tips on job search and the co-op process Thanks to you Students all over Ontario and around the world Can say I have the skills and knowledge to succeed in any organization Thanks to you the future looks bright HTS has been hiring University of Waterloo engineering co-op students since 1992. Many have
become full time employees and several hold senior positions within the company. The talent pool at Waterloo is unrivalled and includes many
intelligent, super-motivated individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit. This is a key requirement for HTS, providing us with the best prospects for success
and continued growth across North America. Al Walcroft, Contracting Sales Director, HTS Engineering Students at the University of Waterloo are incredibly unique, completing up to
six co-op terms in real companies with real responsibilities. They graduate knowing how companies work, how teams operate and how to add value, able to hit the ground
running unlike almost any other students in the world. Ted Livingston, CEO and Founder, Kik Interactive University of Waterloo students are always an excellent addition to our team. Germiphene is consistently impressed
with how prepared the students are to make a meaningful contribution to our company. Michael Baker, R and D Project Manager, Germiphene Corporation University of Waterloo