When I decided that I was coming to Aardvark
I knew I was jumping into something entirely new and I absolutely looked forward to it I came to Aardvark, by myself,
met a few friends on Facebook before And they’re my best friends The people I’ve met primarily come from
America… from the UK… from Australia… from Canada… my roommate is from Belgium… Panama… South Africa… Everywhere! California… Belgium… New York… Los Angeles… London… Indiana… Melbourne… Johannesburg… Toronto… Panama… Albuquerque… St. Thomas… Winnipeg… New Jersey… I had the chance to live in
two of the coolest cities in Israel In the beginning I lived in Jerusalem
which was an amazing experience And then I transitioned to Tel Aviv
which was very very different Jerusalem is like a very spiritual city,
it’s historical, it’s beautiful You definitely feel the presence of it on Shabbat
when you walk in the streets and Tel Aviv’s different,
it’s a much more commercial city People call it
the New York of Israel I think what Aardvark does better than any other program,
it really shows you the land of Israel We go on weekly tiyulim and siyurim (trips) and we go on overnight tiyulim with the entire program We’ve been able to explore different parts of Israel that I otherwise would have not been able to go to Some of the most deeply religious parts of the country to some more of the social, cultural view that
somebody my age might be more interested in It allows for us to be busy,
but we still have free time on the weekends where we can explore and do our own thing We see things that we wouldn’t
necessarily see on any other trips in Israel It’s a really beautiful experience for me to follow my ancestors dreams and come here and stay here and live here and work and prosper My work experience in Israel has been awesome. It’s added my resume more than
I ever could possibly imagine. I work with a fashion designer I volunteer in a gan I’m volunteering at Miki Mor Jewelry kitchen table child alone I’m working
with the start up here at the library working with website and working in an
alternative radio station in my internship I’m learning a lot about the
fashion industry and working in a professional environment with the boss
is challenging but I have when I first got his room I really know
now after two masters of crime I feel like I have popped up around like he is
real for real not a tourist and it really helps to have a commercial
speaking to shop apartment it’s a really good looking
anywhere upon my life is really enhance my sense
of independence getting your own food really just didn’t
appreciate my mom too one of the really great things about our
marc is your ability to customize your experience further by using from one of
the special interests programs Israeli military mind body connection law and
government entrepreneurship social media and
communication see sports international program the Jewish and return track and
the opportunity to work an American Jewish summer camp the best decision
I’ve made with coming back is oh so get up and come and join you have an
opportunity to come to a beautiful place to meet people and have a time you will
make the best friends have the best memories you really don’t want to miss
that trust me this will be the best year of your life he wanna come to aardvark