I am doing my study abroad right now in Paris,
France, as you can tell. I am currently attending ESSCA … and that’s
in … which is just right off of one of the Paris
metro lines. It’s very easy to get to. I’m gonna be talking a little bit about the
school and the academics today. So, just to be aware of it, know that the
ESSCA Angers campus and the Paris campus are very different schools. So when you can, I guess some of the information
from Angers is relevant to the Paris campus. It’s really helpful to talk to someone who
has been to the Paris campus or knows exactly what is going on there because they can be
a little bit different in the way that they run classes and what faculty you’re working
with, things like that. So just be aware of that when you are getting
your information for your classes and everything. I do recommend if you are doing a year long
program, and you’re very tight on your classes like I am. I am a double major, Theater and Business,
so I don’t have a lot of room to take classes that I don’t need. So I’m very glad that I will be switching
schools for the second semester because once you take a lot of your classes for the third
year at ESSCA, then those classes will repeat themselves for the spring semester. Just know that if you’re interested in doing
a year long program, it might be best to do ESSCA for one semester and then another school
for a second, so you have more class choices. The classes are structured very differently
from ISU. It’s basically all group work, so I haven’t
had any individual projects yet and there aren’t very many tests except for the final
exam and occasionally a class that has a midterm. It’s also very important to make sure that
you are on top of stuff when you’re taking notes in classes. They can be long. Every class is three hours, but you do get
a break. And you get to meet a lot of interesting people
in all of your classes. It’s mixed with international students and
French students, so you’ll definitely get a lot of different
cultural knowledge in each class, which is really great. The students are very open to meeting with
international students and getting to know you. So that’s really, really good to know. But yeah, it’s a lot of group work. So just make sure that you’re available for
meeting with groups and just planning that ahead of time. And a lot of the time your classes will actually
end before the semester ends and a lot of time in between the end of the class and your
final exam. So once you have good notes and everything,
you will be able to look over that before your final exam, before your midterm and whatnot. Just so that you’re up to date on the material,
since there will be a long pause. Possibly one, one and a half, two months maybe
before the final exam happens. So as you saw in the video part before, there
was a little tour of the ESSCA campus. It’s a very commercialized building. It’s definitely a commuter campus, but there
are things like a cafeteria and there’s places to get food. You can buy food for very, very cheap inside
the cafeteria. There’s also a microwave, so a lot of people
bring their own food. You can save a little money that way and have
fantastic dinners in Paris and everything. It’s a nice campus. It’s all new. Oh, another thing that’s definitely different
from ISU is that you have to scan into all of your classes with your student I.D. So there’s no skipping classes. It’s very difficult for that, so make sure
you save your absences for when you really need them. That’s just a really good lesson to learn
I guess. But yeah, so if you do have any questions,
feel free to contact me through the study abroad department or through any other study
abroad students. I hope you guys are interested coming to Paris. Thanks. Bye.