I was always really good at maths in
school so I decided to go into Accounting and Finance. I went to the
open day and I just found that Huddersfield was like really friendly and
I just felt like I fit in at Huddersfield. Even though the stereotype of
accountancy is boring our tutors are really quite funny, so they do make
things a lot more interesting and rather than you’re a student and they’re the
tutor they talk to you more of an equal basis. In the business school we actually
have a trading room. It’s like a mini Stock Exchange so you actually invest in
companies and learn about how trading and investment works. I did my placement
at the NHS southeast Leeds CCG, I were the finance assistant there for a year.
It really opened up to like what I could do after I’ve finished University. So I really
enjoyed it, I found I’ve gained a lot from doing that placement year. Definitely
come to Huddersfield because it’s fun, friendly, and sociable.