I’ve always heard really good things
about Barcelona, and it hasn’t disappointed at all. It’s a
beautiful city. The city and the location and the program are all great. You’re right
on the Mediterranean Sea. Every single day you walk out and see like the
craziness, loconess of Barcelona. I really love the program. We definitely
got to go to a lot of places we wouldn’t be able to go to or plan on our own. I
think there’s a lot of options for everyone, and a lot of things to do, and I
would encourage everyone to do it and go abroad. It’s really easy to fly for
Barcelona to other cities in Europe, like Rome or Paris or Lisbon- it’s so cheap. And
then also in the city you have great weather. You have the beach. You also have
culture. The teachers really make it fun and change things up, and I’ve really
learned a lot. I feel a lot more comfortable with my Spanish now. We go to
school Pompeu Fabra, and with AIFS it is probably one of the best schools we could have
gone to. There’s so much immersion. You’re not able to speak English ever, so
you’re really forced to pick up the language really quickly. At the same time,
we’re not always writing papers. We’re playing games or watching movies or
interacting with each other. We have field trips. They go to museums and
then they come to class to study Spanish, so I think they have a really good
mixture. And I’ve actually like learned more in
like each week here than I have in entire semesters
back home. It is priceless to have this expert as a teacher, when somebody can’t
talk, and in four weeks in four or five weeks, then they can communicate. The
people here amazing. Inma and Paula, our directors here in Barcelona, are
fantastic. I was thankful or blessed enough to be able to meet these girls
and some other people on my trip and we got to- we got to travel together and now
we’re like- we really are like a family. You get to see new things all the time,
and getting to meet new people and to be put in a completely different
environment, it’s like a whole nother world, but I love Barcelona. You
really just grow as a person, and you become stronger. It’s probably the best month
of your life. I mean, you can’t beat it. I would never trade back and go anywhere
else. This is probably the best experience ever.