The program here, it’s a language program.
Students are here to learn French, but at the same time to enjoy themselves
and discover the area. It’s not only the language, the grammar, but as well as life in France. And there are people- there’s people from wide arrays of experience. There are people that know no French. There are people that are kinda good. There’s people that are experts, and no matter what level you are, there’s
a place for you. I can honestly say that I learned more French in four months
here than I have- and I’d studied it for eight years. Because it’s like all
practical French, and like the classes you review different tenses and
different like foundations for your French, but you need to like actually
apply it. And when you go into the city and you use it, it’s- you kind of realize
you know more French than you thought, but you also just like learn. It’s better
French. The harbor’s right there, and there’s all these sailboats and yachts
sitting in the water, and it’s just one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. After a week, after you know talking with
the director, Sandrine she just makes you feel really at home and really welcome,
and within a week it this is your home. Yeah I will do my best went to the
questions, and to make sure that they’re having a good time in Cannes, and that
they will go back to the states with lots of very very good souvenirs. They
have everything really structured. You know when the meals are. You know exactly
where to go, and any time you have a question there’s a million people to talk to to ask.
The rooms are really nice. With AIFS you get either a double or triple,
and right out your window you can see the ocean. The beds are comfortable. So
the college is located about 20 minutes walk from the city center, so students
can take a bus to go there obviously. But most of the time, they do like French
people- they walk everywhere they go. Every weekend they have different
“excursions” they call them, that you can go on, and just go to see the little
towns all over the place. And you get to see all different cultures and all
different parts of Europe. You get to go on a lot of really cool trips that I
probably wouldn’t have found by myself. The college has a description of being
like right next to the beach. It literally is like right next to the beach. Like
from all of the rooms, you can see the water. It’s learning in paradise. Yeah. It’s a
great experience, and do it while you can, because you never know if you’re
gonna have like another time to do it. I’ve learned so much this past week, and
I’ve met so many different people. It’s going to be- I’m in the six-week program,
so these next five weeks are going to be insane. I’m going to love it.