I thought that after everyone had said
it would be so beautiful, it would be a disappointment, but it wasn’t at all.
Everything is very magical and… I’ve wanted to come over here for so long. Um just the
fact that it wasn’t affected by the war at all and all the original architecture still
here is just just amazing. How the castles tower over the whole entire city,
everyone’s so friendly, the nightlife is great, and you know it’s just just
amazing to be over here finally. It’s our opportunity to show the students what we
have here- the differences between Czechs and Americans, the differences in the
culture, and different way of life I guess. It’s not like any school I’ve ever
been to in the States. Like, I would never take any of these classes in the States.
I’m taking a Czech art in architecture course and I’m also taking modern Czech
history. Um just to kind of know the background of what I’m seeing, because
there’s so much. We just basically try to make their stay here as enjoyable as
possible, and keep them busy I guess. It’s a very compact city so it’s very easy to
walk around and see all their architecture at once. There’s a lot of
weekend trips. The thing was all-inclusive, you know, food, flights, you
know travel. The trip to Krakow and Moravia they are all-included in the tuition
fee, and then all the one day activities- one day
trips- we usually do, they are all included, and the tours of Prague and so on.
They do a really good job making sure everything is planned. It kind of takes the hastle
out of it. Especially, it’s my first time in Europe. AIFS does a really great job
kind of coordinating everything, making sure you get to see everything that you
want to see, but still giving you time to kind of go out and explore what you want
to see on your own. The staff are very very personable, very caring, and very involved,
and very knowledgeable. I am proud that these three months, some
time they influence positively their future development.
Now that I’m here, I’m glad I wouldn’t have picked any other program. I love Prague.
It’s really cool. It’s a very vibrant city. I’m pretty sure that being here
would be one of the best experiences of your life. I think it is very positive
for them, and I will be a liar to say that it is not positive for me. Because
to be among nice, young people especially, it is like the source of
energy, and really I am happy.