ERIN: I’ve had Ireland and
Northern Ireland on my bucket list since I was 11. So I’ve always, always
wanted to come here. I’ve also been, always been,
a bit of a history buff and learned about the troubles
from a very young age. This programme so ticked
away too many boxes that I couldn’t pass up. Just everything complemented
each [INAUDIBLE]—- so the excursions, the
lectures, the panels, even just living in Belfast
and chatting with locals, and that whole experience. Today, leaving, I’m
100% certain what I want to go into
as a field of work and how I want to direct
the end of my studies. Just having that sense of
complete certainty about where I want to go has been a
real highlight for me. This really can tailor
to the individual. And everyone I’ve spoken to
here has taken really something different out of it. Everyone has such a different
take on this entire programme. So I think someone would just
have to take a look at my face since they brought
out the summer school and go, wow, I
really want to go– just because, yeah,
this entire experience is something that
I would definitely get my whole university
on board with. This is where you want to go. And in terms of a career, I 100%
recommend this entire summer school. Go. Get this education. Yeah, see where it takes you.