Semarchy was key in the entire process as we were learning. Not only us in a company, but also our vendors, our partners, our system integrators. So the first year was very focused on execution and testing. And then, once we went live we decided to create our MDM factory. So today we have our dedicated factory to implement Semarchy across the globe and this is helping us a lot to consolidate the knowledge and be able to expand. But also the partnership with our business team and huge change management in place was the key success factor as well. Hi I am Alessandra. I am the global head for customer MDM at Sanofi and I am running our big program that is named: “One Customer”. So Sanofi is a large pharmaceutical industry, one of the biggest. We are around 170 countries, more than 100,000 employees and last year we had our revenue around 35 billion euros. Our architecture is cloud based in AWS. We use a lot of web services and APIs for ingestion. We are connecting almost 30 different sources today. And we also use the same micro services for data consumption so we are connecting with multiple downstream to receive the data today. And all the process is based on batch today we don’t have a real time demand but I’m pretty convinced as soon as we start growing in maturity we will have the chance to have real time integration. Especially when we talk about websites and digital customers connecting with us. we couldn’t find the best customer data with the proper quality to run our digital transformation. our key value was always how to reach the right customer through our digital channels and be able to provide to them the right content, the right information. Improve the data quality. Better data for our customer interactions and provide the right information for the business to increase customer engagement. So we see three main drivers. One is increased revenue through customer engagement. Another one is reduced cost optimizing data acquisition and then regulatory and compliance is always as part of our industry. And then having this kind of a solution we can be compliant. Especially with the GDPR regulations. So we started in 2018. We implemented customer MDM, and for us customer is healthcare professionals and organizations, in five countries: Brazil, Mexico, France, Japan and China. This was our small scope that we started. It was very, very ambitious and we did great. And 2019 we expand to five more countries. And now 2020 we are going to go in an agile mode and start expanding the domains to product and other domains. I can come up with some important points. The first one is the commitment of the Semarchy team, the partnership, the tool is very flexible, easy to implement, quick results, user friendly. And I think most of all of that is easy to adapt. So we don’t need to have the entire scope defined. You can start and you can make some mistakes and can easily redo things and keep evolving. there is a moment this year when we went live in the UK and we had a call from our key partner of business in UK that he is very happy that we selected a tool that is user friendly and then can rely on that to drive his business. I think that for me is the big value. Implement the project is just the first step. Have the user using is the real success and I think that was our biggest moment. Let’s Data Hub!