If you’re having the choice of either studying
in your own country or actually coming abroad to the UK, I would really advise you to come
here because it’s a really wonderful place. The Scottish people are really friendly. The
studies are quite helpful, and the ISC programme is actually one of the best foundation programmes
I’ve heard about, and which I have actually done. The ISC is basically for the international
students, so they actually know where you’re coming from and they’ll do the best they can
to help you be familiar with all the difficulties that can come against you. It was actually
quite helpful, like when I look back and see, and compare it to the time when before I came
to the ISC and after, there are really some things that they helped me get familiar with.
For example, the essays, writing the reports and all – stuff to get me ready for the
actual years in the university. For Human Resource Management, it’s actually really
helpful in life, because you learn how to treat people; you learn how to manage working
with different people from different cultures at the same time in the workplace. So, I think
the Human Resource Management module is actually really helpful in life.