– I travelled to Greece to work for an anti-human trafficking organisation. Interning with A21 was
life changing for me. It really gave me a broader perspective on a lot of what’s happening in the world, that you just don’t exposed to in beautiful Australia, and studying. I also had some exposure to refugee camps, as well as women who were in the shelter for sex trafficking. It changed not only my view on life and everything that
can throw itself at you, but also it changed my
political views as well. So now, I’ve become a lot more empathetic for people and I find that it was a really valuable experience. So to the people who had donated the funds that were able to help with my trip, I would
say thank you so much. Your generous donation meant that I was able to go on the trip of a lifetime, and really contribute to something that I think is very important. I was able to help people who are extremely vulnerable, but I was also able to grow as a
person from that experience. So I would say that I am greatly indebted to you and it
was definitely worthwhile.