What’s our van name?>>Vangooooogh.>>That’s my van. Now I am left here. It’s good. Okay, I’ll catch you in Chicago. [MUSIC]>>Passport to Paris.>>Oooh! Wow!>>We met with people in
big cities like Chicago, including a labor union leader there to
learn about how they think about work. It really spans the spectrum
from small all the way to large.>>Taking Ubers to Uber.>>This can be disorienting for some, but. [MUSIC]>>My God.>>Awesome.>>Very inspiring.>>Whoo.
>>This is awesome. [CROSSTALK]
>>Seeing Shinola. [MUSIC]>>China’s much more than the Beijing
Olympics, much more than cheap exports, much more than all the competitiveness
that you hear in the news. [MUSIC]>>The access that Stanford
gets you is unbelievable and you see that first hand on a GST. [MUSIC] Axel Springer Plug and Play.>>It could be an incubator.>>An incubator,
Lufthansa’s Innovation Hub.>>Criteo.>>Delivery Hero, which is a door dash of
In Europe, we went to Rocket internet. [MUSIC]>>A GSTs an adventure.>>It’s also packed.>>But
it’s a chance to go outside the bubble. It’s a bonding experience. It’s a lot of fun. It’s educational. It’s a touching time with your classmates.>>It’s transformational. [MUSIC]