So, my older sister started having kids when
I just started my first semester at WMU for my MBA. So now they’re a little bit older and they’re
saying, you know, “you’re an adult, why are you going to school?” and I was like,
“well, you’re never too old to start, you know, to go to school and keep learning”. I decided to pursue my MBA at Western Michigan
University because I wanted to learn skills and knowledge that would help me in my current
position but also to help me with future opportunities and further my career. I’ve always felt that WMU has supported,
um, all the students that they have here, not just, um, the undergraduate but those
that are working, juggling family and other commitments. So, the night classes, the six to nine after
work, I would not have been able to finish this program if I didn’t have that, um,
flexibility. So I’m proud that I got my master’s in
business administration at WMU because I wanted to show not just my coworkers or my supervisor
but to myself and my family that I take my job and my career seriously. MBA means furthering my career.