Now it’s time to felicitate… …Tarika Bansal Good morning dear principal madam… …dear students,
dear…dear…on top of… Inside I am very… I’m very emotional
and outside I’m very happy… …for my daughter Taru. That’s all the English I know. Papa, I’ve decided. I’m going to London. If you want to study outside,
go to Jaipur. Papa, how long will I stay with you? I’ve grown up.
Give me a little freedom atleast. India took 200 years
to get freedom from the Brits. Wait till you turn 18 at least. This is first original. I’m the only true Ghasiteram. You asked us to settle outside court. So he says, “You bring the snacks,
I’ll get the booze.” Am I here to discuss snacks? Your honour then let’s discuss booze. Do you know how much
London colleges cost? I’ll sell my blood if I have to. Blood costs only 200 rupees a bottle… …and London colleges
are ten million rupees. Ten million? Ten million! Ten million? The foreign students’ quota is full. Any other quota? Seats are available
but only for British citizens. Your name? Saqlain Mushtaq. They say you should
never finger the police. But I never thought
the police would finger us like this! We have to pay in a week’s time… …or they’ll give the seat away. From where will you get the money? 30 million rupees is unaffordable. I thought you understood me…
my dreams. Had mum been alive, she would have. Tarika, don’t ever say that. When you kill a person’s dream,
you kill the person’s soul. As for my daughter,
she will go to Truford University anyhow. Or I’m not worthy of the Ghasiteram name. “I got one life” “And hundreds of dreams” “I’ll make each and every one come true” “I got one life” “And hundreds of dreams” “Nothing can stop me now” Can I help you lads? Christ! It’s Marhaba… I mean Mohtarma Inshallah boys played well. Praise the lord! I love the Lord!