Hello guys! Today I am going to talk about study in belgium I hope this video will be useful for those of you who are planning to apply student visa in Belgium. If yes, This video might be helpful for you! the first step is to search universities and university colleges In the second step, you have to go to website: www.studyinflanders.be
However, there might be other websites, but I find this website really relevant When you go to the website www.studyinflanders.be, you will see the list of universities and university colleges I have heard that many students find difficult to apply in university and university colleges. That’s why I thought of making a short video. To apply for the study programme in Belgium, you can google www.studyinflanders.be. You can find the list of universities and university colleges. I will highly recommend you to apply in KU Leuven because it is the highest ranked university in Belgium. If not, you can also apply in university colleges The application procedure in KU Leuven is really long. You have to legalize your documents and then send it to KU Leuven. While, the application procedure for University Colleges like Karel de Grote Hogeschool is really short. You can do everything via email. You can also scan the document and send via email. So, it is really short and you will also get the acceptance letter within 15 days or 20 days. I will show you of Karel de Grote Hogeschool. You have to click here and then go to the website And if you have just passed your +2, go to bachelor. And then, you can see the programmes, (Business Management is in English) So, If you don’t have Dutch language proficiency, you can go to Business Management Then I will choose the English one because the other one (information) is in Dutch So, you can find a lot of information here. I just scrolled. You can also find practical information. And you can also find regarding Enrolment period, application Information and guidelines. If you want to read that, just open this by clicking here. If not, You can fill the application form. I have already downloaded the application form, So I will open it. If you have not downloaded yet, you can just click here and it will download. So, here’s the application form. Make sure you read everything before you apply. Here’s the application period you can find. And make sure that you fill everything electronically and sign. And you can send document via email to [email protected] The documents that have to be attached are your degree certificate, your passport, English Language Certificate and APS Certificate if you are Chinese. …… Many people find difficult to do the signature here. What I did was; I signed in the blank paper (A4 size paper) I scanned and then, I put it here. You can do that. There are still many other ways. I just shared what I did. The consulate of Belgium is in Bhagawan Bahal, Thamel. You can find the phone number and the adress here. Enjoy the coming song!