The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the best thing that can happen to a young African leader. This Fellowship has enabled me to enhance my skill sets. The YALI Network has refined my character, they have refined my attitude. I am so very confident to tell people what I do, share my feelings with people, tell my story, because YALI has impacted that in me. So for me I wanted to get an opportunity to work, to connect, and to network with fellow young African leaders. Right now, I have like a thousand ideas in my mind that i didn’t have before coming here. Mandela Washington Fellowship is like an elevator for me to access what i need to reach. The way that i can have more skills to impact more of my community. You guys need to be here, I mean, this is transformational, this is something that cannot be compared with anything. The Mandela Fellowship has actually transformed leaders — young African leaders from my continent. I have learned that leadership is a choice that one person makes to make amazing things happen on a regular basis, and it’s all about people. Every one of us has something special that we can tap on and we can make the world better. It takes courage. It takes dedication. It takes believing in myself. This is very important, because i know this process is really very competitive. it’s highly competitive. I’ve applied four times. This was my fourth time. I applied three times. I applied four times… it’s amazing! I kept on learning from my failure. Just be patient, be persistent. It always seems impossible until it is done. They look for some clarity in your ideas. You need to have a vision, you need to show how your vision is going to impact your community. It’s very important that you focus on that one thing that is going to make you stand out. We do wonderful things, but sometimes when it comes to telling the story, that is the difficult part. If you believe in yourself and what you do, you are able to connect with what you do. It just flows. Someone is going to read that application and connect with what you say, because it’s going to be real. Don’t over exaggerate what you do, but give the real statistics that can be verified. I think that my participation in the YALI Network on social media actually contributed to my success. Check out YALI on Facebook to get in tough with other alumni from all over Africa and learn from them. That’s what I did. I sent them friend requests and asked them questions and that really helped me. The sky is, not just the limit of anything, you can go beyond. So to me, I think this is the best that ever happened. I have learned a lot. I must say that I have become a better person. If it’s not now, when? If it’s not you, who? Think about that. I am hopeful and I pray that each and every individual in the African continent, doing amazing and inspirations things will get the opportunity to participate in the Mandela Washington Fellowship.