Good morning. Good morning. What would you
like to do today? Let’s talk about another tool and how you and I use it
every day. In the beginning classes of Mastering Alchemy
we teach Grounding Cord, Rose, and Center of the Head. And Center of the Head is
really the platform from which we can create our life. It’s like the workshop
we used to call it, or I used to call it when I was teaching the workshop. This is
your sanctuary, this is where only you can live. However, sometimes there’s more
than just you in the Center of Your Head. Where is the Center of Your Head? How we
used to teach it, is Jim would say, “Take two fingers and put them in the sky and now
put them on either side of your head, your temples.” And close your eyes and
draw an imaginary line. And then move your fingers front and back and draw
another imaginary line. Right on the forehead. Front
and back and then notice where that intersection is. And BE at that
intersection. And it’s kind of like you’re sitting in a room and you’re
looking outside of the eyes, you’re looking out two
windows with your closed eyes. You find that spot, and a trick that
you used to offer people is actually create a room in there. Put a chair, put a
hot tub, put whatever you want in this room, so that when you go there you can
really own it. So you create a reference point an identity point to that. A
lot of people can’t find the Center of their Head. Sounds very silly, can’t find the
Center of Your Head. Reason you can’t find the Center of Your Head, is in my
case, very specifically, I grew up in a very dysfunctional family.
There was lots of yelling and blame. And quite often the blamer, the person
blaming, you didn’t do it right; there would be a loud voice, a screaming, a yelling
at. What happens when somebody yells at you, they follow it up with their
energy. So it’s like, “What’s wrong with you?” And they throw that energy and
more often than not it hits you right in the Center of Your Head. Many
people identify with this, you get knocked out of your body, you get disoriented. You get
out of focus. You’re kind of unsure of yourself. And it’s very mechanical. What
happens is, somebody yells at you, you get knocked out of the body. You were right
here, you get knocked out of the body. And then things settle down and you can
start to come back to the body. But the thing is, you never come back to where
you were when you started. Because as you get to about right here,
there’s mom, dad, teacher, minister, whomever it is. You begin to
negotiate your Center of Your Head. You begin to fit in over here but you don’t
have the grounded, focus, present time point of observation, Center of Your Head.
This is where a lot of work really begins with people and lots of
levels of people’s spiritual path. Identifying the Center of Your Head and
beginning to take seniority back in the Center of Your Head is really important.
The next question is, “Well, how do I do that?” There’s lots of tools to how to do that. This word seniority is one of
the reasons why in Level 1 and Level 2
we begin to play with words. One of the key factors of taking back
control the Center of Your Head is owning yourself.
Words like certain and capable and seniority and gracious. Owning those
words as a feeling begins to create a vibration in the body that overrides
everything that is not who you are. You begin to by the sense of, I like
me, I’m managing myself, I’m in charge of myself. The mom, dad, teacher, begins to
simply disappear. You actually begin to just push them out. There’s no
argument, there’s no healing, there’s no clearing, there’s no, you know, sit down and
800 mantras; they’re leaving, they’re leaving. Just simply ownership. And
when you own the Center of Your Head, a lot begins to change. And some
people email and say, “I’m trying to do this work but I can’t focus, or I get a
headache or I get confused,” and a hundred percent of the time it’s because
somebody is in the Center of their Head telling them to stay small. Telling them
not to be bold, telling them to let them control the person. When
you have that kind of experience of confusion or disoriented or not being
able to focus, the first step is to just assume, oh somebody’s in the Center of my
Head. You don’t have to figure out who it is or why they’re there or the
conversation they’re having in the Center of Your Head. Just assume there’s
somebody in there that doesn’t belong, which is everybody, and begin clearing it
out. That’s what the Grounding Cord and the Rose is. When I was teaching I used
to call it a vacuum Rose. And you take an imaginary Rose and you put it in the
Center of Your Head and you just vacuum up all the energy, all the people that
don’t belong there. And then move it out, explode it.
It’s a wide range of events that occur with somebody in the Center of Your Head. There are people that absolutely love you, they adore you, they
want to make sure you’re successful and not do it wrong, and do it right. The only
problem is it’s right by my standards, which may not be your standards or your
even wishes. That level of their fear of you doing something wrong or
getting hurt is so intense you can’t get into the Center of Your Head. I’m already
hearing lots of people going, “Oh my god, that’s what that’s all about.” Because
it’s not a unique, every once in a while type of situation. It’s across
the board, it’s everybody. Somebody either loves you to death or somebody tried to
control you or somebody didn’t like you. They threw energy, Center of Your Head.
A lot of times, Center of Your Head, into the heart, take over your crown chakra. That’s
where other people’s energy are. Once you get into managing
and being conscious in the Center of Your Head, everything else is able to change.
Do you remember there was a student a long time ago, Cheryl, I think her name
was, she had horses.
And her horses kept getting into the Center of her Head. Yep, big deal. Horses are huge
space invaders. Sounds really silly but all of you who play with horses, they
love you. And you take care of them. Horse in the Center of Your Head.
Funny thing. I think she became a horse in her next life. Play with the Center of
Your Head. It’s a very simple place to begin to own and makes a big difference. Own
your space.