If they want to complete a degree at a university
outside the UK they won’t be able to get any support from Student Finance England.
The funding arrangements for studying a complete degree abroad will be different depending
on where they plan to study. Tuition fees could be higher or lower than
in the UK, and in some countries there are no tuition fees at all. They could find studying abroad is more expensive,
or less expensive, than studying in the UK. Living costs are also different around the
world. The level of maintenance and tuition fee support may be different than if they
studied in the UK, or there may be no financial support available at all and they might not
be able to work to support themselves. So it’s important they do their research before
committing to a course. UK citizens have the right, subject to certain
conditions, to study and work in other EU countries. They have the right to be treated
equally with domestic students in terms of the course fees they’ll pay. This might
not be the case with Maintenance Loans or other help with living costs. They should check with the funding agency
in the country they want to study, or speak to the university or college they want to
go to for more information about any funding available to them.