I am a biology pre-med major, Spanish for the Professions minor. I’ve always been interested in biology, science, the human body, and I’ve also always been interested in Spanish. The Hispanic culture has been something that’s always intrigued me. My medical trip to Belize was a 9-day trip. I did it with AMSA, which is the pre-med association here at Truman. We worked alongside two doctors who were from Belize and walked in the villages & knocked on doors and said, “Hey, we’re gonna be hosting a clinic tomorrow. The next day we would go and set up the clinic and they would come. Whatever situation or illness they had we were there to help them for free. The area we were in was an impoverished area. In the U.S. we’re worried about what am I going to wear tomorrow? But in that area, it’s like the children are excited to just receive a crayon. Or to just receive a piece of paper to color on. Or a sticker. It was very humbling.