LIZ: Today I have the great fortunate to be talking to Sarah Mueller who is this year’s Disability Policy
Fellow. We’re in the process of trying to get ready for–for next year’s Policy Fellow, and we’re going talked to her about her experience. So welcome, Sarah. SARAH: Thanks, Liz. I think
it’s important to say that our application is open for the next Fellow. LIZ: Okay, great. We’re very excited to welcome you. What have you gained out of your experience of being a Policy Fellow? SARAH: I think one of the biggest things that I gained was I
had the chance to work with wonderful disabled leaders and advocates and the
disability community, including yourself, and Rylin Rodgers, and many other people
that I’ve met in our other coalitions. LIZ: Thank you. What are–what are the things
that you have learned from this fellowship and what will you take away
from it? SARAH: Well one of the great things that you always say is “nothing about us
without us,” and I think that what I’ve learned from you, Liz, is the importance
of making sure that we are talking about policy in a way that everybody can
understand it. And so one of the things that I’ve gained and am taking away
from my time here is the importance of plain language and talking about policy
and writing about policy in plain language and in ways that people can
understand. LIZ: Okay, thank you. And you have– you have contributed with that
though the, our new Disability Policy News. SARAH: Which comes every Monday,
and if you want to subscribe, they can contact AUCD. LIZ: Okay, thank you. What surprised you the most from working in the disability policy? SARAH: I think what surprises me most is that
it really doesn’t–it really does take members of all of our community to see
change and that this is a large effort to see change in the disability
community. LIZ: Okay thank you, and hopefully change will come soon. Thank you and have a nice day, and thanks again, Sarah. SARAH: Thanks, Liz.
LIZ: Bye. Tuesdays with Liz is a weekly video series that is in plain language, highlighting current issues in disability policy. It’s hosted by me, Liz Weintraub, a long-time disability advocate, and is produced by AUCD. We welcome your comments! Please contact myself, Liz Weintraub [email protected], or Rylin Rodgers [email protected] And it’s produced by Jalyn Marks [email protected]