The Confucius Institutes teach people Chinese within Australian Universities they offer the University approximately $100,000 and they also provide cut price cheap Chinese lessons to people who wish to learn Chinese Now they also sign some sort of a deal. We don’t know what’s in the deal But there’s think tanks going around Australia starting to wise up to what’s going on within Australian universities That’s right. People Australian universities have Arguably or allegedly been infiltrated by the CCP now once this talk with some academics and Miss Universe from Canada in 2015 and They were talking about these Confucius Institutes and the soft power that they are now starting to use within Australia you see Wherever those Confucius Institute within university the Dalai Lama is not allowed to visit the university They are not allowed to discuss Tiananmen Square Taiwan just does not exist that Island just doesn’t even exist anymore the the plight of the Tibetan people The oppression of the week is that’s going on in China right now. None of this is allowed to be discussed in Australian universities, that’s right people in your universities in your goddamn country You’re not allowed to discuss something that a foreign power doesn’t want you to goddamn discuss now I Went to this talk and I thought it was quite interesting tonight. I was privileged enough to make five Hamilton. Who is the author of silent invasion and also Miss Universe, Canada 2015 so I clicked together a little bit of footage that I filmed from the front row So hopefully the audio is OK for you guys I want to bring up one thing, Anastasia Lin She mentioned Dolce & Gabana and if you look a few videos back, I made a video about Dolce & Gabbana And I’m the only one that defended Dolce & Gabbana will Anastasia Lin who is of Han Chinese descent? defended Dolce & Gabbana So I’m very happy with that Also clive hamilton mentioned one thing is that if you criticize the CCP quite often People will call you racist and if they do they’re quite often just trumpeting what the Chinese Communist Party line is, which is just absolutely absolutely ridiculous because I’m not racist and oddly is Anybody else that is an academic and it is discussing these serious deal this is a serious thing that is affecting Australia right now and Most Australians are just walking around blind to what’s right in front of their goddamn eyes, and it’s frustrating as hell so I clicked together a little bit of the footage is the way in which many Australian commentators have echoed Communist Party propaganda by making this fundamental argument that A criticism of Communist Party influence in Australia is anti Chinese isn’t a phobic You know quiet Hamiltonian, you know, he may think he has a pretty good history of anti racism but what he’s doing now along with his mates is really just stirring up antique china sentiment and Exploiting the dark history of race relations in this country Is the confucius value the five balance that Confucius had thought the Chinese people for 2,000 years It’s really Deducing which is loyalty respect trust compassion Paternity, these are the real essence of Chinese culture During the Chinese culture ablution The Communist Party has destroyed the core the very essence of that made our nation who we are It has become as make China a Frankenstein’s monster have all the soft power economic leverage over the world It looks so strong, but it doesn’t have a soul what make China what it is when it’s supposed to be is not there anymore when we Look at the people who are sitting here on the board. They have been probably called except for of course Professor phone if you have been called racist and so many journalists academics All around the world who dared to criticize Chinese Communist Party for suppressing Chinese people have been called racist But are they really racist they are standing with the Chinese people? It is the Chinese Communist Party that had been taken away China’s people’s speaking of the freedom of speech freedom to elect their leaders Freedom to have a really good education that teaches them the truth but not political slogan very the real racist Not ease people and I am a Chinese diaspora I grew up in China and I think I can speak for a lot of Chinese people Including the one that emailed me morning He climbed over the Great Firewall to leave a message in my email box saying that Anastasia what you’re do is Absolutely, correct, and please keep going So these are the voice that we need to hear Chinese Communist Party. Absolutely Do not represent Chinese people There are foreign imported alien That’s important to us by the Soviets but initiated in Germany no offense to any journalists here Quality soil that they are not capable of democracy look capable of the ruble Look capable to enjoy any Freedoms, and that’s why they come in handy kappa. So tied up whatever That is belly eating latest communist Legislative races that by putting chopstick on their runway that’s our races act seriously Oh, and then the time has come to issue this statement saying you have heard the chinese people’s feeling that’s where they say that’s always what they say when someone criticize China and It no, we are not hurt. The Chinese people’s feeling are not hurt If we are that easily hurt or too fragile as a nation, really But they do this because they won’t just make these examples pickled things that people don’t exactly know where they did wrong But they offended them and then eventually everybody’s like we don’t know how not to vent you. So tell us what to do They have been doing this to the Chinese population since its called revolution. That’s creating fear by creating a Public Enemy everybody criticize them and everybody else would just be silent never stick their head out and That’s what they were trying to do to me. But unfortunately I was raised in China so I had a father who had a very top spine and that’s sort of I inherited that so but for the rest of the chicken, for example gigi hadid Answers because they want access to the vast market many films now sell more tickets in Americans don’t sell more tickets in China than they do in the US and and it’s now commonplace for American food producers to sit around and discuss now We must make sure nothing in this film is going off in China. How can we change the script? Which actors can we bring in? You know, what’s the message? Let’s make sure it’s safe for China and what is interesting about this? Is that the CC the CCP has no soft power I mean really there is no soft power emanating promises in truth. It just doesn’t make sense. No one is persuaded that And that China and that the CCP is a a wonderful place where the streets are Paved with gold and that’s where I want to go. But what they have managed to do is that they’ve managed to spike Probably the greatest center of America’s soft power and that is Hollywood Laughter you have to congratulate for their brilliance in doing but it shows you what we’re up against In Canada, this is my family are getting routine business vital things, but Winston Churchill didn’t give up but you know, but didn’t give up when he lost his hearing I’m not saying this lightly. I mean there has been times when I got really disillusioned Darkness issues and he was believing democracy. It was a little bit disillusioning But then the Australians become and it was wonderful and it really gave me a lot of courage the biggest Setbacks that I have met in this journey has always been in the West it was not directly coming from the Communist Party It was when I went to this University of that universe to speak and all of a sudden my speech get canceled or my phone screening guest cancelled for people like us That don’t have resources like Chinese Communist Party and have been doing this battle alone it Hurts a lot and they can be very discouraging and that’s part of the reason why umbrella movement Didn’t go anywhere. It’s because the Hong Kong people look out to the west who is here to support us. No one’s because They let Chunkin sulk and look at where it is right now. Their elected officials are being thrown into jail And what message would that send to ordinary Chinese people court may be thinking about pushing for progress It’s not a good message Without Democrats So the first thing in come about somebody who wants to live the Biden democracy’s to act like again, that means forming opinions Talking about your colleagues and things about things that matter Inquiring, you know, I mean, so if you don’t already have a copy you can buy a class book tonight That’s a good point to start because you’ll deepen your understanding of what’s been going on There are great resources on the history of colonists I know the structure the Chinese comments by the only breakfast tomorrow morning Richard McGregor who was a journalist in Beijing for many years and wrote a Book called the party which is analysis of the structure and motifs or any of the facts comments by resources are happy so take an interest and don’t regard yourself as You know small fry Who am I to do this? No you’re a citizen of a free country and in that capacity full of these things about open to you and in surprise your services and incumbent upon you in a way Well, I started as a beauty queen So I guess you can find better ways to do to raise attention than that and I find usually the small victories that They encourage to me the most because it’s not easy to convince big governments but when people start act the Toronto School Board has refused to Confucius Institute McMaster University has Rejected Confucius Institute, just because the local people spoke out and they speak to them and peace Their support because there is a lot of anxiety in the community and they’re afraid that the Australians are in General public are not aware of that issue and if it comes to a vote, they might not support it But they need to hear your voice and make them hurt make your voice heard is very important You don’t have to go to a pageant to get your voice heard. I Just went away kind of doubt it truely’s we live in a democracy and our political leaders do respond to pressure and We’ve seen this year many many Australians start to Exercise their small democratic power. They write letters to the newspaper. They make comments They write I will phone their in fees and they say we’re worrying about this we wanted to do something and that had big major changes in Australia in the last 12 months the laws that that The general youngling mentioned are extremely important the shift in the New South Wales Department of Education extremely important Pressure is mounting on Confucius Institutes and his parole. He can issue bigger politician and apply some pressure