[MUSIC PLAYING] The benefits of
moving to the cloud have been proven
again and again. The question now isn’t
why to make the move, it’s how do we get there. Microsoft knows
migration isn’t easy. But Azure Migrate is
here to simplify things. Azure Migrate is
your central hub for cloud migration projects. It allows you to manage every
aspect of the discovery, assessment, and
migration process, track and manage
migration efforts end to end all in the Azure portal. Take advantage of
migration support from your whole environment,
including Windows and Linux servers, databases,
web apps, and more. Choose the right
tools for your needs from the native
Azure migration tools to partner tools integrated
with the Azure Migrate hub. Migrate at your own pace
with the guided step-by-step experience of Azure Migrate. Choose a discovery tool
to build an assessment. Discover and
understand everything you need to know about your
on-premises environment. Assess machines at scale. Get the computing power
you need from the cloud– nothing more, nothing less. Calculate cost savings
from migrating. Select a migration tool to move
your workloads to the cloud. Automatically apply insights
from your assessment to your migration. Cut over in seconds with
minimal application downtime. Continue to optimise
post migration. And on top of all of
this, Azure Migrate gives you an agent-less
experience reducing complexity and helping you make the most
of your investment in the cloud. Moving to the cloud
is a big deal, but it doesn’t have
to be a big headache. Try Azure Migrate today, and let
us help simplify your journey to the cloud.