Hi, I’m Gaby and I’m a second year student studying BA Education and I also did a study abroad in Canada. So, I actually chose BA Education at the University of Birmingham because of the
study abroad scheme, I was really enticed by this
because I thought it was really interesting and something else to add to your CV and talk
about as I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was older, I didn’t know
what job I wanted to go into, so I I love the course because it’s so broad but
then I also have this option to study abroad. So I looked to all the options and most
them were in Europe they were the options that we already
had and for me I wanted somewhere that could speak French and none of these
options gave me back chance because they were in Germany
and places like that and my father’s French so I really, really
wanted somewhere that I could sort of improve on the language
as well as do my course. So McGill was the only option that
offered French as a sort of city but they taught in English so that’s what really made me want to go there and it’s the top university in Canada sort of tied with the University of Toronto, so
obviously it was really tough to get in and I struggled like coping because I didn’t know
whether I’d get in and I was a little bit worried as it was my only option, I hadn’t gone in for
any of the European ones, but I was lucky enough to
get and I’m really, really happy that I did. So I was a little bit nervous to start off with but I really, really enjoyed it. So the challenges were being obviously quite far away from home. I was in North America, so it was a six hour flight to come, for anyone to come and visit
so I didn’t have that many visitors. My family
came to visit me once but a lot of the time it was struggling with so the time
difference as people at home, if I wanted to have someone to speak to
normally in the evening, they had already gone too bed and so it was kinda a struggle if I
wanted to have someone to talk to but I made plenty of friends there so I had
always had someone to chat to if I needed to. The best bits were the course, I really really loved studying about education, in a sort of international, different perspective and and it just gave me a different outlook on education that I didn’t previously have before, I learnt a lot
about the history of education in Quebec and it’s based mainly around sort of faith and
religion which in England, that kind of ended
a very long time ago, whereas it only nineteen nineties in Quebec so is was very, very interesting and I really, really found the course very, very interesting. I definitely recommend that you do a study
abroad, it’s definitely a great thing to put on
your CV, employers love talking about it and when I’ve
spoken about it in interviews for even just part time jobs they’ve really, really found it interesting and wanted to hear more about how I was independent, how I organised all of this and it’s just a great thing to talk about even if you want to be a teacher, they will be really, really interested. For me, I want to go into something to do with educational business or those kinds of
things but I know it’s really, really interesting for
employers and not only that, it’s something for you to
just enjoy build your personality, learn about different countries and yeah, it’s fantastic.