Our International Relations BA by
distance learning is a four-year, fast-track, part-time degree which
involves students participating in many of the same modules that are offered to
face-to-face students but online. It’s always been our approach to try to break
down the barrier as much as we can of distance in the learning, even though in
reality you are off-site and so what we try to do is mix that with online
lectures, online discussions, online videos, webinars. It’s really easy to do
course work from home. Blackboard, all your reading all your module handbooks,
everything like that is very easily accessible.
it’s not a hard software to use and the library as well, a lot of ebooks which
you can actually download for about 24 hours and read it offline so if yo u’re
traveling. You could easily do a 10,000 word essay and not actually have to
set foot on the campus. We develop a learning community and we’ve been very
successful with that over a number of years with our MA programmes. and we’re
operating within a sort of digital global classroom talking at the same
time to people from all over the place and they’re all bringing their own
perspective and their own experience to the subjects that we’re studying and I
think that makes it quite a unique experience. We’ve had students from all
over the world from all walks of life coming onto those programs and the whole
reason behind the BA International Relations is to try and get some of
those types of students. Students who may be in full-time employment, who may have
left school a number of years earlier and don’t feel that they can come into
the university on a full-time basis but to give them the same quality
education, the same quality of degree courses that they would experience if
they were at university as well.