Nerds? -Basically.
-I would say fun nerds. PPLE students are very hard-working
and they enjoy learning. So if that makes you a nerd, then–
Then it does. There are a lot of very different people
and with different backgrounds. Because everyone is so interested
in everything… they’re also interested in people and
getting to know each other. So I think that definitely creates
a sort of nerdy social environment. Which is a lot of fun. No. PPLE– They’re very stubborn people.
They know their way. I think that’s something
that we hear a lot. They can at least make up their minds
down to four things. It’s about people that have
a very broad range of interests. And also– I think in the current landscape of jobs
and employment, and just in general… it’s super important to have a lot of
different background knowledge. And I think PPLE is
definitely good for that. I think especially the first year
really guides those people that… sort of feel like they cannot make
a decision yet… to find out what actually the thing
that they’re most interested in is. And to– in the end,
make a decision. I want them to be themselves
in every way possible. Whilst also learning how to work
within an academic space. That means there are boundaries to
how you can say what you want to say. I challenge them to voice their opinions
but always base it on an academic argument. Someone who is willing
to be part of the programme. Show up, do the readings,
be part of it. We’re small-scale intensive at PPLE. Which means you’re looking at
around 15 students… in each of our tutorial classes. It’s a great opportunity to really
get that one-on-one attention. Practise your presentation skills,
be part of a community, be part of a class. We’re here to teach you and
help you refine your skills. So you should have something to learn
but have the attitude… that you want to– like, come along
for the ride and be a part of it.